I have replaced he cap top, soaked the head, full manual clean, replaced wiper, scraper, sponge, felt and a new cartridge of metallic and I still get what looks like over spray on the Cyan and metallic colors. I switched the printing to one directional and it only over sprays on the exiting direction it moves in.Test page (attached) is the standard CMYK and metallic silver.

VersaCamm VS-540i.


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Important test is the nozzle test and you have that with the other print. Need to be able to zoom in to that alone.

If printing bi-direction then post that test, if not then look at the nozzles in the C, Lc, and the silver 

Next, which media, which profile and do you have default media in all three printing settings

Lastly, what is the humidity in your print area

Media is 1mil removable vinyl decal. Running metallic CMYKLcLmLkMt(v), high quality, all default settings. Don't know the moisture content but I would say it is a standard A\C controlled office environment with setting of 68 to 72 F.


Test 2 is not a bi-direction test

Menu key - down to adjust bi-bidirect - print test print

then same for detail test

Found it

I see a slight shift in columns - that could be your cause 

Also another contributor is that Lc has nozzle shifting into neighboring columns - 

That will explain the cyan overspray - not sure about the metallic - unless it is also using the cyan channel for a metallic tone

So questions to you - not necessarily do I need answers

Did you have a head strike

Did you have a new head install

Lastly - low humidity can cause static - it does not affect all colors the same and if it is just low, it will give you some overspray and the ink will travel prior to hitting the media

No head strike and using the original head.

A peck or a Co-Peck will show if there was a head strike

If you look at the cyan column next to the silver column, you will see the nozzles shifting to the left. The shifting indicates that the nozzles ran into an obstruction when the print head was returning to home.

In the review of the cyan column - are all the nozzles cyan or are some black? If there is black in there - then I am suspecting captop, but that was changed 


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