Long story short I had the printhead replaced on my SP-300i (Black/Cyan) with the black head causing the issue. Had a local Roland guy come out and repair after not able to fix the deflection with Captop and damper replacement. Forward a few months out and it's doing it again. Replaced with new captop and damper again...but still having same issue. I've contacted the repairman a bunch of times...all I got back was that he was busy but would be asking Roland on reasons why after head replacement. Anything with black is still looking like crap. Am I missing something else or do I need another head? Is there any kind of warrantys with these replacements? Attached is my last test print. Also have cleaned and soaked the heads with no resolution with the print problem! Just miffed that I've spent almost $1500 and it's still not working and can't get any word from repairman and not sure if I can go elsewhere if the head is covered by any warranty.


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If the head was from an authorized Roland Dealer and the tech was an certified tech, then the head is covered. 

You can contact Roland to see if all above is legit.

I can tell you from looking at the test print that the head is not in alignment.

Print a Capitol B - all black and post that

SP black and cyan head are known to go before their 6B shots. The black looks raggedy and the cyan will look perfect and it is the same head. 

If the head is aftermarket - Signs in China or Digiprint you are at a lost. 

The head is will not fire correctly until the headrank is entered and the head aligned.

Irving, Thank you for the info and sorry for the delay. I've printed out the B as well as another test print and calibration print. Also contacted the only other company that covers my area...they said they would get right back with me with a phone call...still waiting. As for the original replacement it was an authorized Roland tech and Roland parts.


Again if it is an authorized dealer and authorized tech - Roland itself can verify both and contact them concerning the issue. Roland can also authorized another dealer to complete the repair. Another dealer cannot do that without Roland getting involve unless you are going to pay them directly.

The B was to check for head alignment - appears to be no issue there

in the bi-direction test - the lower few are slightly off - but may not be noticeable in observation

Still feel the bias adjustment is off, 

and the nozzle firing on a new head should not look like that

Thanks! I took that print and looked under a light and see some adjustments that I need to make and see if that helps. If not I'll be bugging this guy again...says busy...which I sure he is but I'm needing work done too!



All the adjustments in the world will not fix those nozzles. If he does come back, have him check the bias and see if he input the head rank. The fastest way to get him to come back is a call to Roland. 

Great thank you!



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