I have A VS - 300i and i have been trying to search this and find out some info.
what is happening is i usually use 30" material for most jobs, i have a roll of 15 or 16 " material and i was going to use it for some left chest designs, I
loaded it using the far right pinch roller and the first pinch roller to the left outside of the 6" area.

The material prints no problem but when it cuts it is feeding the material on far right side out faster
and thus registration is off. First thing i did was clean the pinch roller and grit roller, I am still having the same issue. I pulled out the material and checked the grit rollers with the lever opened , I can roll the far right one
with my fingers the 2nd & 3rd grit rollers will not move. I did a search on MyVersaCamm and
I see a post from Irv on this subject and he mentions the grit rollers are not replaceable. can anyone confirm this?

I have noticed the registration has been off sometimes when it is detailed item when i use the 30" material, i use all 4 pinch rollers and i always cut at slower speeds so maybe it wasn't as noticeable before i used the 16" material with only 2 rollers.

I did a test print and cut with the 30" material using the far right roller and it looks ok, I did try to slide the pinch roller over to the 2nd space from the right and leave the material holder at the end of the material hoping this wouldn't make the print area smaller , no such luck it did make the area smaller.

Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also what causes the grit rollers not working anymore?
Jim Fenerty

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I am having this same exact issue. Hopefully someone can give some insight to the possible fix.


I believe the problem is with the hold down wheels on your printer.

Replace the wheels, or just the one slipping, but best to replace both.

The rubber often breaks away from the brass making reg. impossible, if you look closely you will see what I mean.

I have replaced mine about every other year.

Good luck, but I'm sure that's the problem.

And thanks for the reply i will take a look at this tomorrow, my question is if the hold down wheel doesn't work at the far right position then in theory it shouldn't work when I move it over to the next position?
Also should I be able to roll the grit roller with my fingers?
The grit roller on the right side looks like 3 small rollers and only the first one to the right will move with my fingers the other 2 will not??


Confirming the Grit Rollers cannot be fixed.

Those were my instructions and I just went up and verified on the tech side of the house. If you have one that is moving independent, then a piece wore out or failed. If you did strip the machine down to get to the part, there are no part list for the grit rollers. My only suggestion is to move to the left and use the 2nd one in. You do not have to trim down your media, but your final product will be only to that length. Pinch rollers and grit roller disc can be replace, but not the grit roller or its components.


Thanks for the reply and the info......

well that Sucks..... I'm grateful that i can still use this but from a material stand point over time that is added cost and will add up. I put my 30 inch material back in and used 4 rollers and i is cutting in registration. When i move the Grit roller with my fingers it does have a spot that has resistance so maybe have all 4 rollers gives it enough assist , eventually the rest of the gears will wear out and i will have to move over to the next space. Do you know what causes this to wear out and is it a common issue?


just re read that several times and think its a case of incorrect roller positions, the machine reads the two outer ones only and must be positioned under the white lines only so normal use the left and right roller has to be on the material and the rollers under a white line, if you fit a third or fourth roller they must go between the outer ones and under a white line marker.

the white line markers correspond with the grit roller area if outside that they don't work.


 thanks for the reply, maybe my wording is not right, i was using a roll of 15" material and you only have 1 option with the rollers to use the entire 15" width. the far right roller  ( which has 3 roller positions left middle and right) 

i was using the right position my material was under the blue line on my machine, then i used the next roller position to the left. The right grit roller moves with my fingers rolling it. I wish i was loading it wrong ...



ok sorry blue lines it is now i am back in front of mine and understand your problem, i have come across separating grit rollers before think it was a summa or graphtec but there was a grub screw to reset presume when these are made possibly a interference fit.

just to confirm you can turn the right outer grit part separate from the rest.of the shaft

The cutters are easier to get to, not so much the print/cut. For that reason, it is deemed only a factory repair level, which is in Japan. It does not make the machine unusable, you just cannot get the full width. If it was a warrantied repair, I am sure the entire printer would be replaced.

How do you get the pinch roller assembly out to replace it? I have 2 new ones but can not figure out how to switch out.

C clip on the side


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