I have VP 540 and have a problem with my colors.

Everything was fine until I upgraded both Corel (to 17) and Windows (to 10)

I had a problem with blue and was told it was a corel setting problem so I changed my settings to the Microsoft ICM CMM.   It seemed to work as now I can get close to what I need but I have to remember to turn on my color proof settings to make sure.

But now my grey is printing as a pink color.

How do I change my colour profiles to the correct settings. Am I even in the right spot to change them? (corel) or should I be in the control panel somewhere? 

The colors print fine on my HP paper printer, (the same one I use for invoices) so I thought it was versaworks. I asked my tech and he said it is in my color profile and he can't help.

I am getting so frustrated, that this is not fun any more. Can anyone steer me in the right direction please.

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You are offering way too much detail for me and I am not the color guy - hopefully the Admin who is the color guy can see and chime in. 

So as a tech, I am with your tech on profiles as a solution, but I may be able to help.

So need answers on:

-Raster or Vector

-Color Palette Used to design

-File type

-Media Using

In VersaWorks

- Media Profile

- Color Management Selection

- Settings in the property tab

These are a good start

Have you printed out a new color chart with the new setup - and did you set the queue to the media and density control?

If I remember right Raster is a picture and vector is what I create in corel, it is happening in both.

I am using rgb, but tried cmyk as well as rvw and it is the same on all three.

I am exporting as a eps with a cut line around letters and images.

I am using a comply vinyl set on generic Vinyl as suggested by my tech. I have been using this vinyl for years and did not have a problem before. 

Color management is preset to Pre-Press U.S.

My Document properties for colour are RGB - Adobe RGB (1998)  CMYK - U.S. Web Coated (SWOP)v2

Grayscale Profile - Dot Gain 20% Primary color mode - CMYK Rendering Intent - Absolute Colorimetric 

I understand you have been using it, however it is no longer giving you the desired results. 

Comply should have the proper profile, if not

then use a Roland one, not the general ones

if it is a glossy material then use GCVP, if matte, then MCVP

as for color management use Max Impact

You are creating in Corel so it is Vector

For your grays use one of the RVW greys

In Color Management, after selecting Max Impact - there is a property box down to the right - select

in there select perceptive for cmyk and colormetric for the second

Then more importantly - check preserve primary colors

SPs n VPs were known for making blacks by adding colors - so u would get a pink or green tint

Lastly ensure in VW you have checked - convert spot colors 

Hi Irving,

I tried what you said and it is still printing funny. I included a picture of one of the things I am trying to print. As well as how it turns out. You can also see my color pallets on the right. From left to right - rgb - cmyk - versaworks  then roland. As you can see, my RVW does not have grays.

I am also sending a picture of the versaworks page that shows it should be gray. It is not until I print that I can see there is a problem.

i know it does not solve your grey problem but i would have printed them on silver or lt grey vinyl in the first place looks smoother.

nossel test would help and the roland swatch is the way to go but the swatch must be printed with the same settings profile as the final print  is to be

Get rid of the CMYK - period

as for rvw - you did not expand it - the greys you can use

BK - 04 through 12 - there are more in each direction but those fall within your range - understanding yours and my monitors are not calibrated

Lastly, I never do/did except once in 10 years touched the color sliders in VW - not looking at the tab - 3rd or 4th down - you can back off of the magenta and see if that has any effects. Also your ICC profiles may be conflict in your graphics and VW - the problem is correctable - I am not explaining it well.

The BK colors do not change anything. Just a different shade of pink.

I am still having problems. My grey is still printing pink. I have had to turn down jobs that have any grey in them (like shadows). It was suggested to un-install and re-install versaworks and that did nothing. My Roland tech sent me some files and asked to put them directly into versaworks and bypass corel and it still printed grey. He did come by and got the machine to print a solid grey, (I do not know how) so the machine is capable of it, but when he tried to print a jpeg, again with pink shadows. He had to leave as it was late. My husband suggested that I email Roland direct. 

Too many head chefs, spoil the broth. If is your graphic program setup - period. If there is a default on your corel do that and then try. 

Also understand that you will have to bring in the program again. Any settings you brought the program in on will remain, even if you change VW. So yes reload the test file, each time.

Just an update. It was my cyan head. Followed by bad magenta dampers. All caused by knock off ink. Saved me a few bucks in the past, but the repair was a learning lesson.  At least this is what my guru said. 


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