hey guys my darker colors print nice a solid but my lighter greens and yellows print like this on mutiple settings, is it something to do with my material or perhaps my heads... or maybe im just to picky?


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maybe my expectations are too high, do all printers print like this, will i never get a solid color?

Heavens no, that is not acceptable. You should expect solid, opaque colors as long as your input is correct and the settings you're using for out are correct.
I never did catch what media and what profiles you're using.......did. Miss that information somewhere?
And also what's up with those cut lines? They seem very ragged as well.

its so hard to tell if im losing my mind or not lol staring so close at the vinyl looking for imperfections lol, im printing another HEX code color chart will post some pics later on. Thanks for the help so for I will get exact media info also.

Not sure what other way to tell you what I have been saying. Did you set all the printer settings to default. I see mottling in your yellows, indicating wrong temperature. How old is your captop - insufficient ink pull would cause those hazy prints, Any time you set your own temperatures - expect those or unexpected results. If heat to high, no dot game and gaps - you have that - heat too low u get the mottling - ink pooling - you have that. You ask for profiles - did you try my recommendation - those do work!

Yes sir, I set everything to default and was still getting the same problem.

After playing with more settings it seems to of got a bit better, I changed the setting to saturation for vectors and rasters, havent changed the heat at all I have been letting the profile do the work, with these following pics I was using the "glossy with grey glue" high quality and i slowed down the head.

there was also a bi-linear setting that i was messing around with just to see if there was a difference.


I just got machine so not sure when caps were changed, did manual cleaning today.

Pumps are located behind the top and must pull ink into the dampers and head. Clog top will give you what you see, along with other factors.

would a clog top give me a bad print test as well?

To Clean the caps do i use the solution and clean around them? I heard I can soak a swab in the cleaner and dap the top of them? one swab for each top?

Did you ever find out what the cause of this was?  I have and identical issue with my VS-540i.  All light colors are grainy and not dense.  The captop is brand new, I'm thinking that it may be related to the dampers?  Dark colors print nice and the settings of the pictures below are the same.

Start a new thread, show your nozzle test. no two issues are the same, what media, what profile - unlikely the dampers.

On the new top, just the top or the top and lines.


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