hey guys my darker colors print nice a solid but my lighter greens and yellows print like this on mutiple settings, is it something to do with my material or perhaps my heads... or maybe im just to picky?


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That kind of looks to me that the heater settings may be too low. try turning them up  a bit and the print should be more solid

whats the recomended temp? and is that the "heater" temp or the "print" temp?

I am not sure of the recommended temp but I have mine turned up pretty high, I will check my machine tomorrow but i think I have both turned up to 39-40 c. If the temp is too low the ink does'nt seem to flatten out, it just sits there in tiny blobs, that is only in my experiences, I stand to be corrected by the more experienced folk on the forum

mines at 46, i just bought the machine and it was like that when i got it maybe i should turn it down?

MC - it looks like wrong profile for the material you are using. So answer that and I will recommend a profile for you.

Next do not set your temps - let the profile do the work for you - it will set the scan speed, droplet size, feed speed, pre temp, dry temp, and vacuum. To do that go to VW printer tab - all three settings in there default, default, default media.

it only lets me set to default media temp in the job setting is there a general setting that changes it so i dont have to every time? however no change so far switched to an oracle and still same issues. I am about to post some pictures of the color charge and print test take a peek if you dont mind

For what's it's worth................I wouldn't go fussing and fooling around with your temperature settings just yet.
I don't think I've EVER changed mine in all these years.
If you have the right profile selected, VW will take care of all those details for you.
If something is wrong with your equipment, that's one thing but just going in and changing settings on a whim can take you down a huge, dark rabbit hole.

Lady Di

In VW second tab over - edit - set up your Queues A&B for what you use most often and you will not have to do it everytime

Some general profiles you can try

Glossy Media - GCVP

Matte Media - MCVP

Clear media - CCVP

Banner - LBV2

Apparel - HTM2

These tend to work well

Remember in the printer tab all three set to default

Also those deflections will cause some banding

do you recommend a manual cleaning? i have just printed 5000 stickers.

is there a link that shows what material go with what profile?

Is that grainy look called banding?

I hope my printer is ok lol.

My more light pure yellow comes out nice, the orangeish yellow comes out grainy errrr!!!!

no, that is not banding, a closer look, seems to be a lot of ink landing on the vinyl. from what I see in the pic.


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