Having major problems with this. I'm printing on white matte vinyl. Test print has no dropouts.

Blacks are good, but any shade of black that is lighter starts getting purple.

I've tried different profiles: MVCP, GEN1, GEN2, GEN3, and Heat Transfer (which gave me best result).

I've also tried pulling out all magenta from color adjustment.  Here is test print. The 1st link is the original photo, and the second link is a print in GEN3 profile with all magenta pulled out. Help me!!!

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What are you printing - vector or raster

What is your color setup

What type of ink - OEM or third party

How old is the captop

It's raster a Hi Res photo

Color is (2x)C, (2x)M, Y, K, Lm, Lc

3rd party inks https://www.amazon.com/JETBEST-Solvent-Bottle-Roland-Yellow/dp/B07R...

captop, pump and pump lines all replaced 6 months ago (head was replaced a year ago)

Also need to see that nozzle test

Here's the nozzle test: Actually the one magenta looks purple!

Here's another print test: 1st is original file, 2nd id MVCP HQ, 3rd is MVCP HQ Magenta off and Brightness on full.

Sorry I cannot help you

I have not seen an ink set up like yours

For your machine there are one of five configs and yours is not in there

Also you are using 3rd party, not that yours is bad, but it adds in another variable

What I can say, consecutive lines missing up and or across can cause color shifts and banding

I always tell folks that colors should be adjusted in a graphics program not in VW

Also it maybe angle, the calibration looks off - that would cause banding and color shifts

Lastly the columns shifting colors (captop indicator) and nozzles do not look full, looks noisy which means you may only be getting partial.

Thanks Irving for your help!

I'm doing an overnight head soak and see if that clears up the test print.

I just went thru this. In my case the cyan head was bad from using knock off inks. Fingers crossed yours is a cheaper fix. Try printing a sample in high speed. Something about the dots being bigger in high speed worked but my guy could not say for how long that would last. If anything. it's a start.

Thanks Mary,

Overnight soak seems to have brought back magenta (2nd from left) from purple. There are 2 spots where it looks purple (circled). That whole row in the middle across all colors seems a little odd overall.

OK, just spoke to a Roland tech. He said cap top is probably the cause (which Irving also suggested). He said they are only good for 6 months. Getting one today and will post results.

Hope your right, the color contamination (above) looks like captops may need to be changed. But for what’s it worth, my bet is on those 3rd party inks. Can’t tell you how many people, on this forum alone, go along just fine and dandy for a good length of time......and then Whammo! Those non OEM inks just start causing the strangest issues.

But as I say, hope this isn’t true in your case Eric.

keep us posted.

Lady Di

Oh Boy! New captop and 3 power cleans did the trick! 

I am going to switch back to Roland Carts. This machine came with these bottle/ carts when I got it (used). 

Thanks everyone for the help!! Stahls videos are reaaly good too!



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