I purchased a used versacamm vs-540 and the print seems to be grainy no matter what setting or profile I use. I own a BN-20 so I know how good these printers perform. One of the black channels is not printing. I've tried some power cleaning and head soaking but no luck. After speaking with a tech he thinks its the capping station (parts on the way). The gentleman I purchased the machine from informed me that all channels were printing until he let the machine sit for a couple months without printing (it was plugged up and on during the time). After not printing the machine seemed to dry up.. I guess. Is the grainy print due to the missing channel or could it be old ink in the machine? The machine has eco-sol max ink loaded when I purchased it but I'm not sure how old the ink is. Also versa works is showing black ink as being out on both channels but its not. I'm using the durasol white gloss vinyl from imprintables. I use this same media in my BN-20 under the generic vinyl 1 setting and it works fine but this versacamm is having some issues evidently.

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Both have same printhead

Missing channel probably have air in line and/or bad damper

looks like a head strike knocked head out of alignment

Calibration is off

Encoder strip is dirty

Captop maybe failing (that could cause some of the above issues)

Ink will not be an issue

Media is decent media

Profile will work, but GCVP is better for it

Looks like you are not using default media to set the temps - giving you blotchy prints

not printing for 3 months is not the cause, unless........

If the channels are out alignment then you will need to do all the service level adjustments as if you had changed the head.

In the user mode you need to do all of the adjustments under the menu key

when using VW you need to have on the printer tab, all of the 3 settings set to default media settings

for a profile you should see if GCVP work better for you.

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Well I’ve made adjustments, cleaned encoder and replaced the capping station. I still have the missing black channel and grainy prints. Where can I download the GCVP profile? I don’t have it in my versaworks list. Also is there a video on replacing dampers or removing air from the lines? I guess those 2 are my next hurdles.

Having a small issue on my cutting. It’s seems to get off about 4mm on the feed. I can adjust it but after a cut or two it’s right back off again. The scan seems perfect but the feed keeps working itself back to 4mm off. Suggestions?

You are having me imagine what you are seeing. Show me the print/cut test print and let me see if it need adjustment and in which direction.


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