Hiya all (yes me again haha)

So I have done all the calibrations in normal and service mode and nozzle check is fine minus a a couple of deflected lines and everything should be fine but it's not BUT I'm thinking it must be a profile or something to do with versaworks set up as when I did a test print and cut alignment the square was solid, no graininess, just perfect... So I know it can print perfectly but when I go to print anything else it's grainy, I have attached a photo of the test print and cut side by side with the test print.

So I'm thinking I've missed something and I got versaworks set up wrong? The head has proved it can print solid colour so the head itself seems fine, I'm keeping up with the maintenance and printing quite regularly too.

Thanks in advance!


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Can you attach a photo of the nozzle test. Also what media are you using and what profile. Might need to try printing slower, but I'm thinking something else is going on. If you also have the calibration prints you could show, it will give me a better idea.

Hiya Zoogee

Thanks for your reply, I will attach the images of all the calobrations now, I did them all on poster paper and when I did the fill it looks perfect, I printed the same on vinyl and the results are odd and blotchy (photo also attached).

The nozzle check can be better but did get the full solid test print/cut from it.

I will try printing slower in the meantime.



I can't seem to upload them all (or they are just not showing up) so have made a wetransfer link here, this should have them all.


Nothing here will  be pleasant for the reading. Your heads are a mess. Your deflections are crazy and you will never get good prints. Never is strong, but trust me on never. You can try and recover them with a 48 hour headsoak - no less. Zoom in on your nozzles and you will see the noise in the channels. That is dried ink. That tells me you have or had a lot of time on your captop. If you do the headsoak do it on the old tops and then change them. The quickest way to fix is to change those heads, both.

OK forget that talk of printing slower - period.

So regular printing versus test printing. All test prints print uni-direction - that is why they look good when they can. You want to see your prints at its best if you have time - print uni-direction - for me that is slowing the print speed. However, in your case your bi-direction tests are tuned good. I seen one that could be a plus 4 and you have it at 3. That would be hard to see in a print. Your calibration test is hard to detect because of the bad nozzles. Look at your print cut test, that is not good - it is extremely noisy and that is because of all the deflections. Once you have nozzles spraying outside of its assigned slot you will get overspray - period. When you have as many as you have you get color shifting also. 

Do not waste your ink doing those fill patterns - Since you did, what I see is not a grainy issue, but one of what is called fisheye - which is oil on the media and ink hits and moves. 

So basic rules on printing issues:

Grainy - heat too high and the ink drops are drying before they get to expand

Muddy - Orange Peel - Heat too low and the ink is expanding too much and moving into next drops area

Easies way to fix is - have the printer tab in VW set to default media for all three settings in there - and select the correct media on the second tab - If not you will need to know each heater and dryer setting for each media and those are built into the profiles. Once you get all of that corrected we can go from there - but hard to with those nozzles printing like that.

Your best hope is high quality setting since it does smaller passes and more passes.

Back to your print-cut - it looks off in the scan direction - if you weed it - I can tell better and tell you better on how it needs to be adjusted. 

The SPi is a great printer and during covid when it was hard to get the Tru-Vis machines - I installed 4 of them - so keep it and fix it. The i models will take VW 6x so its potential is there to be used.

Hi Irving

Thanks for your reply, seems like anything I read about Roland printers is not pleasent so I am very used to it haha

The machine isn't mine and before it came to me it was stored in a shed not being used or cleaned very much over the covid lockdown, I've been maintaining it regularly since (manual cleaning, swapping out the shocking wipers), I'm just trying to get the best out of it while it is here.

I have ordered new captops for the soak and looking into what cleaning fluid I can use for a headsoak, a normal cleaner could ruin them completely, right?

I am waiting for a reply for this one - 


Once I have done this I'll got through all the callibration set ups again if the nozzle check is good and at the moment time isn't an issue so will try the unidirection printing for vinyl (poster and PVC are good at hiding a lot of sins).

Oil on the media shouldn't be an issue, it's printable vinyl from my usual supplier and fresh out of the box and not in contact with anything else but the printer.

Thanks once again for your imput, I will keep you updated!

I always recommend OEM, but some places are hard to get- so eco solvent is the way to go.

Before you test on your components, take a print and use the solution to wipe off the ink. See how it responds.

Remember to clamp the lines under the old top, pour in the solution - let soak for 48 hours, check after 24 and add more solution if needed. The solution should be to the very top, which is accomplished by some spilling over, no harm can be done under.

Hi Irving

So in the end I bit the bullet and got new heads in and even replaced captops and wipers in the process (so now have a lovely loan to pay off) and went through all the callibrations previously memtioned so it should be a brand new machine, it prints on poster paper absolutly fine which is good as most of my products are poster paper but on glossy self sdhesive vinyl I need to bump all the settings up and print uni directional for the smoothest non grainy prints which are still a little bit grainy so I've resigned myself to the fact that it is just how the machine is, I have read other forums saying that glossy prints will always be a bit grainy (even though my old BN20 printed solid before the motor went - who knows huh!).... so I'm currently saving up again so I can get someone out to see if they can set it up to my printing standards haha

Thanks for all your previous comments (any other suggestions about this would be fab but I've probably tried everything from this forum plus 10 others who have had similar issues!) :D

Well that needed to be done and when you do the head, the wipers and captop are a most to change - period.

I do not get to the UK much - now anyway, but after you save up and if I am heading that way I would let you know. 

Answer the following:

VW version are you using

Are you using the profile for the specific media

Are you using default media settings (not printer settings in the printer tab)

I am not a fan of the BN20 - they now have a BN20A (they knew it had issues)

You should be able to make your money back and treat yourself in short order


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