Why is it that I am getting a "grainy" look for these vinyl stickers?
Media: Orafol 3164
Printer: VersaCamm  VS-640i

Using Generic Vinyl 2 Profile
Currently waiting for Roland to send me a correct Profile for this specific media. Can that be it?

Image attached below.
Thank you.

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For some reason, the forum isn't letting me reply to your previous reply.

But I never updated my Versa Works, I've always had that version. The only time, maybe it was updated, was when they (Stahls) installed Roland VersaWorks Duo, possibly they updated it while they were at it. But I never knew about profiles till now. So no, nothing was transferred over.

I'm not sure if that would work but can always give that a try. Send me the 3169 one!

I will pm you the specs


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