Hi there I am on the hunt for media for my VP300! Im looking for a good transparent vinyl media that is a bit thicker than normal vinyl so its easier to stick to bottles and work with. I live in nz and I can get Arlon, Avery, 3m and Orical brands as far as I know there might be different brands im not sure. Im a newbee to eco solvent printers but excited to get stuff to work with and start doing label jobs for people.

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unless you have a white option of ink or going on to a white bottle you may struggle, with the clear 

ask you supplier for some samples, not listed but i use ip 5700 from spandex i am in the uk

other possible problem is the contents of the bottle when dripped down the side may attack the ink best to check or needs laminating

Thanks Chris ,
Ive done some testing witha clear orical and I am super happy with the results of the print.. the only thing is the media is hard to apply to the product it keeps wrinkling so a slightly thicker media is what I am after just dont know what to get.

Solvent ink is translucent which is what Chris was alluding to. However if you found media you like and it sticks well, to get around the wrinkle you either laminate or use a masking to apply.


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