OK, those of you that have read my previous posts, I am brand new from the cartridge to the ink pump so here is something I hope someone can explain to me(see attached) Now keep in mind, I know enough about these printers to know it is NOT a blocked damper line and the cartridge was installed today......when I draw from cap top line I get nothing but air WITHOUT resistance HHHEEELLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

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Cracked nipple or cracked manifold

So much ink, if it gets on the printhead board - toast

Why would a manifold issue prevent ink from being able to fill my brand new dampers, when they are not even connected to the manifold??

The pump is located on the other side of the captop

So if not on the top ink is not pulled in - it is not a push system

In fact it is a closed system so if the line is remove the ink supposed to pull back into the line so that it does not leak all over the place.

If the manifold is cracked and the damper is on, then it will pull air and not ink

Installed brand new manifold, again, new cap top, left dampers off and connected one end of hose to one manifold nipple and the other end to second nipple. Park heads try to draw LIGHTLY with a syringe from cap top line and STILL draw air....PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have read the tech manual front to back twice and there is nothing there. I slowly push syringe plunger back in and air escapes from between "NEW" cap top and head........My local tech wants $4,000.00 to throw a ton of new parts at this thing without even looking at it and I know it is just an air leak, BUT WHERE??????????????

Thought everyone might get a laugh at the desperate attempts and massive money I have spent trying to get the air leak fixed. This is just this weeks trash, last week was even more.



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