Hello, I have a VP-300 that has always worked like a champ with only minor ink issues that have always been fixable, but since Saturday when the latest update installed I'm getting multiple ghost images across the media. I'm including an image of what is printing. Anyone know what is going on? I have always run Vista; could that be related to the problem?

I have uninstalled Versaworks & re-installed according to the instructions on Roland's site with no joy. I am going to uninstall again & load the cd version. Is there a way to manually update to the version before 5.5.

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It may just be coincidence. I see you are in AZ, what is your temp or more importantly your humidity where the printer is? Unplug your machine for 10 minutes and then fire it back up and print. What I see is static. If that works, then had some moisture to your print area. You can hit one end of the media to the ground, use an humidifier, or spray bottle with some water to the floor near the machine. Let me know if that helped. If not give me the version of VW u are looking for and I will pull it from the site. I do not jump on upgrades, I wait for others to let me know the issues. I believe yours is not a VW issue - just timing.

Hi Irving, temperature here is 68 degrees, 13% humidity.

13% is low - need to be higher - do the unplug thingy to verify that it is static. 

Wish I knew what ever happened to this one. If I knew maybe I would load, 5.51 for VW

Yes, Irv, I wish members would follow up with issues. It would make life simplier for other members
that may be having similar problems with machines or media.

Maybe the site needs a button for the members to hit if the issue has been corrected or still open.

I would like that as well!

Unfortunately the Admin for this site is an A-hole and never updates things ;)

There is not a functionality in the site for customization and I wish we were on a different platform but it is not feasible to transfer all of the information we have built up over the years to a different platform. Plus no one gets paid to maintain the site - we do it because we like it!

Hopefully the OP will update us all.

Understand fully about liking it. I can't even update my my checkbook without creating more problems.

Haven't seen you in a while , ran into some or your partners in crime at SGIA a few weeks back.

I missed SGIA due to a broken ankle. I will be at ISS Atlantic City next year though.

Hope to see you there!

Ok, sorry for the delay in responding. After trying the static thing, it turned out to be just a bad Ethernet cable. Replaced the cable & everything is fine now. Just coincidence that it happened when the update kicked in. Thanks to all for your responses.

Great to hear that it is fixed. Yes Butch and Steve, but I would disagree about the Admin part. My point is that since we do help for free and people do not respond back, it makes it kind of hard to keep assisting. What I notice is that people only find us when they are in a jam, sign up and become members, get the issue resolved or at least closer, and then never respond back or pay forward by helping others. Then you get those who join just so they can sell something. Maybe it is just me, but who are these people. Not to mention those who expect you to help them. Or the ones who track me down on social media on the weekends in the middle of the night. Well if you need help, I am glad to do so, but if I ask basic questions and request pictures - don't follow up with more questions or solutions, because it just is not coming until I get what I requested first. A good few of you already found that out. Ok Finish venting, now who has a problem. LOL

what he said x2

Your post might just save my life. I have this ghosting banding issue now in 2018 and the Roland technician is stumped. 

Did you have the same issues with different print profiles or did you just try the one? In my case the print is nice and crisp on vinyl 1 high quality, but ghosts on Generic paper heat transfer high quality. 


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