I have a TruVIS VG-640 and my tech had to recalibrate my machine yesterday when I was out of the office because the calibration settings were way off after my machine was moved downstairs to my new office (I had to slam my settings to -5.0 and the grey boxes from the calibration test were still not touching). We had to use a telehandler to remove the printer from the second floor fire escape to get downstairs so it might have been a bit bumpy. Today, I'm trying to print on 63" canvas and when i click the "Get Media Width" button, its cutting the width down to 31.84". The Printer's display says 61", when I first load a file in Versaworx Dual and click on settings, it shows as 62", but then when I click "Get Media Width" it cuts it down to 31.84". I reset the printer and versaworks, readjusted the pinch rollers, reset the load media (where the print heads go down and back to get the media width) and no change. I contacted my tech and he said that everything was perfect and he had no problems on his laptop and the only help he provided was to uninstall/reinstall versaworks dual, then update the firmware on the printer. Anyone have any ideas as to what could be going on?

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Nevermind guys! Figured it out, the network settings in the printer's menu were reset somehow so the printer was not connected to my computer/Versaworks Dual!

Leave your dual, but look into upgrading to VW6X

Your dealer should beable to set you straight on that. There was a program for dealers to upgrade their dual users.

Thanks! I didn't realize there was a newer ripping software, I'll check it out!


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