We are probably the longest users of a Roland BN-20, 5+ years, yet still total newbies as our main business is dye sub cut and sew.  I must say nothing but positives on the Roland BN-20 as it has been bullet proof from day one.

We just upgraded to the newest version of VersaWorks and now trying to determine what really are the settings for best colors.  We are very limited on what we print/cut on - 

The only thing we print on is - DuraSol 3.5M Printable Sign Vinyl Gls Wht 20"x50Yd  using Eco Sol ink.  We seem to get the best results using Max Impact or Sign and Display but all the other settings are greek to us.  Currently we have Media Type as Generic Vinyl.  

Just looking for some suggestions on the settings to get us the best results.  Many thanks.

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Go on the Roland site and get their GCVP vinyl for your DuraSol.

Vector files best with Max impact, raster ones we use Prepress US

If your yellows are turning green, then in the Color Mgmt area select properties and then click preserve primary colors.

Many thanks  -will give it a shot this evening.


Thank you for the tips.  We are getting better colors!  One question if you would be so kind, Are there any changes to color properties you would suggest?  99% of what we do is vector.


That's all good. I would change the raster one to perceptual. Perceptual assist in the shading and color depths.

Also on Palettes very important 

Use RGB, Roland Color Library or Pantone those will give you the best and brightest colors.

Unless have to CMYK


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