Many are still reaching out in DMs and Chats. This is an unpaid gig and I give much of my time, so would appreciate you sharing your issues in the forum so others can benefit. 

Stahls used to list their profiles on their site, but now list them on the Roland ICC profile site. The access is with your printer's serial number. Just go to; the support tab; ICC Profiles. Put in your machine, Rip, inks, VWs and supplier.

The BN has two disc, the Utility and the VW disc. You can see if you can get a download version of the utility through Roland or your Roland Dealer.

Remember for Assistance, post your nozzle test, straight on, the most recent image, and only one image per upload. Sending a dozen images only confuses the diagnosis.

Lastly, I have limited my participation due to the current situation and trying to catch up on installations and repair. 

All the best to the community during these crazy times. Be sure to search the site for info on your current ailment.


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Any TrueVIS owners out there?  I would love to get your feedback on these machines.

Do not get the truvis. However, the TruVis2 both SG2 and VG2 are highly recommended. I wrote a post on these machines previously.

Thank you

I have a TrueVIS VG2 540

Are you happy with it, and do you print vehicle wraps and have consistent color with no banding?


Looking to upgrade our Roland SP 504i. I want to stay in the 54" realm, and was wondering if anyone had suggestions?
We want a more consistent print for large prints.

Thank-you in advance for any suggestions,


I have a set of cormhole boards to wrap. I know I have to put polyacrylic on top of vinyl after wrap but do I still laminate the design?

Please help

you should have started a new post -

print something - try your poly on it - if it works good, if not then you will need to laminate first. You should be good.


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