did anyone noticed how bad Roland vinyl for t shirts smell  while printing? 

I did not notice that much smell when printing vinyl stickers and paper stickers don't smell at all. 

Is it normal ? Is is dangerous ? I keep windows open , but still prefer to leave the room because I can not handle the stink. 

and another question. 

most of the vinyls I get from fellers warehouse have proposition 61 warning about birth defects and cancer. But I'm nor sure what exactly dangerous about it. I asked guys at fellers but they couldn't answer. I called and emailed general formulations but they never got back to me. 

Is it not safe to be I the room with vinyl rolls, touching them, fumes from printing or what ? 

My wife is pregnant and  used to help me with work but now I'm no sure if I should let her. 

vinyls from Stahls or roland website don't say it will give you cancer. But feller warehouse has prop 61 warning on every product. 

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In 12 years never an issue in house or shop. Never a smell issue. I cannot speak for all products but I use stuff from just about everyone. The best answer is to read the data sheets and be forewarned.


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