I do not know what is going on with the machine or RIP software. I have had issues now for the past week with the machine. Either the RIP software will not show the cutline, which I check muliple times in CS4 to be sure that it really is there, or the printer cuts the cut-lines twice. The RIP software only shows one cutline- but it still cuts some lines twice- and choses not to even cut other lines. I have doubled checked prior to printing & cutting by viewing cut only and it shows everything perfect. I send it to the printer and ????? What's the deal? I thought this was state of the art machinery? I have much better luck with scissors. I am just glad I did not pay full price for this machine. I am having more trouble that good. No wonder decals are so expensive- if you have to print & cut them 10 times before it actually does it right.


Very frusted & disappointed

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Can you send me the file that has been giving you issues? I can look it over and see if I can spot waht is causing the problem. I am sorry that I missed this thread but want to try and see if we can get it fixed and your printer running like it should!


A couple of things you can check. Make sure under "view" in CS4 you have it enhanced. Not enhanced with overprints. On the 2nd option, the cut contour lines disappear... go figure! Also, check it in wireframe. You can see all of your outlines.
Hope this helps, Mary
I deleted the entire file & started ov er. I am still having some alignment issues with shirter runs, but I haven't had a chance to run the alignment on the machine. I am soo far behind on everything. Planning on doing some maintenance this weekend and trying some different things. I do not think the issue is with CS4. I double checked all updates and made sure that everything is up-to-date with the latest. It never fails it's only when I have arush that things act up.
Send me the file and I will check it out. Make sure you put in the email exactly what is happening and I will see what I can do. steven@myversacamm.com


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