Hi, can someone do me a favor please and see if they can import this eps file into versaworks.  Everytime I try I get a message saying that the file is corrupted.  I've tried copying and pasting to a new page and renaming but still get the same message.  I haven't used the file in over a year and couldn't find the original coreldraw file.  When I imported the eps file into corel the colors were all gray but I went and changed them and saved the new file.  Just wondering if anyone else can open it and if not what should I do???   Of course I have 11 blankets due first thing Monday for this college!


Kathy Mac

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Hi Kathy,


I did not print it, but I can pull the EPS file into VersaWorks.




The Dean College Women's Soccer eps file came right into VW.  Downloaded & saved to desktop and moved into VW Queue B.  File opened in Illustrator, however the font used for Women's Soccer is not loaded on this PC so it gave an error.  Saved new eps as V1 - file also attached.

Rgds, bob


thanks guys!!  I had to go to job # 2 (ER), but I will be back at the store first thing in the morning.  Before I left I turned off the computer so hopefully upon restart it will be ok.  Question.... when you opened the eps file were the colors black and white?  For some reason this happens to me when I export my eps files, I can turn around and import them back into coreldraw and all colors are missing..... very frustrating especially if I have forgotten to save the corel draw file like i had with this one.


Kathy Mac

your eps file imported fine for me in Corel..............with colors.



so what the heck could be going on????? I am using coreldraw5.  Just praying when I get in tomorrow that the computer restart at least lets me bring in the file to versaworks!

don't know what's up, but let us know how that reboot works out.

I bet it will be fine.


Oh and before I forget to tell you, watch the "G" in college. You have a double cut line there.

Hello Kathy,

You may be experiencing this because you haven't selected the artwork you needed to export on the Corel page in specific. 

If you export the entire page without selecting what you're going to export specifically you may get multiple copies of the same artwork, with varying file sizes. If you happen to select either one of the multiple copies of the same file and you happen to select the smaller files, you may come across a message which appears on VersaWorks that the file is corrupted. To avoid this you'll have to left click your mouse and specifically select what you're going to export on the Corel Page.

Another possible factor contributing to your problem is if you're export an artwork which is partially or completely off the workable page area. You could be importing a file into VersaWorks that have been partially processed therefore giving you a message with the file corrupt etc. So the work around for this is to simply work within the page you have set out or make the page bigger.


Hope everything has worked out well! I know what it is like to be in your position to have jobs come through and have problems with an artwork at the last minute! It really hurts to see your posts as it reminds me of my first time starting out with our printer=(


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