Hi! my friend SP540V is having a problem with error code 0110. The first thing I did was clean the encoder strip with alcohol and do a limit initialization but that didn't work. After successful limit initialization I try going into service mode to do Linear calibration but unable to print carriage wants to setup and return by with error 0110. I tried to unplugged print head Flex cables as well as linear encoder sensor and restart with limit initialization procedure but no success so I decided to order some parts and appreciate if I am missing something here Tech guys!

I like to order;

Encoder strip, print carriage board flex cables, linear encoder strip sensor & (do I need to get the print carriage board as well) Anything I forgot to do?

Even Ultraman needs help

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Cannot do the other thing.

For this issue - here is what to check

1) Confirm whether Encoder Scale is between the slit of Encoder Module in a whole width of the machine. 2) Linear Encoder Replacement 3) Scan Motor Replacement 4) Confirm Cable Connection between Linear Encoder Board and Print Carriage Board. 5) Confirm Connection between Wire and Head Carriage.

Check 4 & 5

but there is a story so with the story of what was going on before and then what happen just when it started would give some clues. 

Hello Irving,

I have problem on an SP-540i still unsolved and need a second opinion from the pro,

Day1 - Customer clean encoder strip and machine gave him 0110, so I flipped the encoder around and do encoder set up and calibration. Error code 0110 gone but printing blank

Day2 - I install a new encoder strip (longer than excepted but I cut to matched) and do encoder set up and calibration, still printing blank. So next I changed the data head flex cable (long cables connected to printhead) and linear sensor and do encoder set up and calibration and still printing blank.

Next visit (kind of embarrassed), I looked at the servo and main board and I saw the board light up and everything looks normal, The only thing I have not change is the print carriage board and two other cables that are indicated on the red arrow (see attachment) and I just received the print carriage board today. Will the print carriage solve the problem or am I missing some thing here. Appreciate and thanks for your help and always love to tech guy.


How did it go from 110 error to printing blank?

Are the fuses on the mainboard good - lets start there and the cable to the print board

As you can see from the pix, I will change print carriage board tomorrow but I still do not have the thick cable and the other connector, i have not choice but to use them back hopefully they are good with the new board. After finishing the encoder set and calibration, it stated complete without fail so I am puzzle why its printing blank (I also though I found the problem with ink corrosion on the long data print head cable that I changed)

The main and servor board looks good but sigh...I will take a multimeter to check for continuity tomorrow, brother any tricks up your sleeves? Thanks


If it is printing blank, the first thing I am checking are the fuses. If the fuses are gone, then I am checking the cables - as the cause, it could be the board, but more likely the cable going to the board - proving I have good fuses.

Yeah! I will replace the print carriage board and check some fuse to go from there and keep you update, Thanks.


I suggest, you first check fuses, then board

Ok! I will do that but since I change encoder strip, sensor and flex cables, I noticed his firmware is 1.90v and now its 2.50v. I will update his versaworks and firmware but can I jump right to 2.50v?

Yes, do not need to stairstep up - the latest includes all of the history

Thanks, wish me luck

Hello Irving

After installing the carriage board, check all flex cables sitting with magnified glass and did the continuity test on all the fuses on main and servor board and guessed what the smallest fuse on the main board IE 3.15A was found to be not responding so I replaced with a new one, the sun just raised...everything is printing fine again so fuse is the culprit here. As usual thanks Irving for your respond and have a good day.


LOL - I am not one to say - the other words, but what was I stressing to check first - not printing equals - those fuses - then once that is determine, the next thing is to find out why they blew. Happy CAMMing, welcome.


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