Hi everyone! We have a brand new VG2-540 and i've just put a 25 yrd roll of material on it. I need to cut out x8,m 12" decals, but when the material feeds out to cut, I get a 'end of sheet' message on my machine causing the cut to stop in the middle of the job, loosing any progress I've made. HELP! I need to get this job done today. This is the second roll of this material we've purchased and we didn't have this issue with the first one. This one almost seems like it's 'rolled' tighter on the cardboard roll. Short of re-rolling it by hand, is there any tips or tricks someone can give a new-be? Thanks in advance!

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Try the PreFeed feature under the function key. - it will feed it out before it prints, rewind, then print.


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