I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and did'nt eat toooooo much. We have just added an Amaya XTS embroidery machine to our shop and are now going through the painful process of setting prices.

I know there are several of you'll that do embroidery and I would like to ask if you would share your pricing ist with us. We have done a lot of research and embroidery prices seem to be all over the board and I would like to see some price list for both customer supplied items and using your own items. I realize that pricing is going to be based on each business operation cost and there is a wide spread in pricing. If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciates. Please either send them to me in a pm or post here if you wish.




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We are in the northeast and generally charge $1 per thousand stitches with a minimum of $7 per hooping.  If the embroidery is to be put on something that is more difficult to work with, like saddle pads or Carhart jackets, or there are a lot of stops and color changes in the design, we generally charge a little more. 

Dennis- that helps. Do you charge for digitizing, names on the front, etc? When you look at various pricing, there are charges for this that and the other if you know what I mean.




We don't charge for setting up a name if we are using a standard embroidery font or for incorporating a simple stock design and we don't charge per letter, which some people do.  If we have to convert a True Type font into an embroidery font, we are more inclined to charge a digitizing fee.   We generally charge for digitizing from a client's artwork if the design is something other than very simple.  We sometimes waive the digitizing charge for a client who will be placing a substantial order or if we want to do it in lieu of a monetary donation for sponsorship.

Larry, we charge 1.25 per thousand and discount to 1.00 with volume.  We also charge a placement fee for each hooping. There is a digitizing fee for designs and we do not charge a digit fee for names.  So Figure 1 line for $13 to lines for $16 and a line would be considered 3 words. If you want each letter of a five letter word to be a different color that would be more than 1 color for the 5 letters.  You will have to get the hang of the time but the rule - is your machine should be making 50 to 60 dollars of stitching hour at normal speed (800spm) now my machine can do 1200 per min but I am not going to crank it that hard for the wear and tear is not worth it. For those who say that the machines are built to take it - I will be happy to give up 2 hours of my life to watch them run their machine at the max speed for those 2 hours.

I agree with Irv we use to run our machines at 1200 stm and that is a big mistake.  We run them at 900 stm and that works real well for us.  My pricing is the same $1 per thousand and it all depends on the customer and quanity for hooping charge hope this helps.



Reminder to people new to embroidery pricing...Don't start out with your prices too low because you're just getting into embroidery.  It's easier to lower your prices at your discretion later, than to raise them after your customers are used to the lower prices.  Don't price yourself too low to start with just because you're new at it.  You'll find it hard to increase your prices to their real value later, and you'll also find yourself doing more jobs for less rather than fewer jobs for more money.  If you do fewer jobs at a higher rate per job, you can spend the extra time on each customer's order to ensure high quality, and high quality is always worth the higher rate.  Right, Irv? ;-)  You can always give your customers a special entry discount on the invoice, but always mark the invoice with the "real" price, and mark the discount given as a separate line item.  If you don't you'll find people Walmartizing you and batting you for lower and lower prices, and pitting one embroiderer against another in the town.   I find there's enough business around for all of us, without cutting each other's throats. 




$50.00 dig left chest logo
$150.00 detailed full back logo
$0.00 for names (dig)
$6.00 up to 10k stitches if 12 or more garments
$9.00 if less than 12
$6.00 if they buy from us, no minimum
Caps start at $12.00 including 10k stitches
Fancy caps cost more fitted $15, Nike $23
Baby blankets and odd hard to hoop stuff $15.00 min.
Twill and appliqué ...I,m still trying to figure that out


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