Hey all,

I just printed up some stickers for a client of mine on DuraSol 3.5 mil Glossy Perm media... when I noticed the edges are beginning to lift up?

What is causing that to happen? It seems to be doing that to all of the vinyl stickers I'm printing for my clients. How can I avoid this?


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Hi Luis,

Two major factors that I have found to cause this. 1) Cutting too soon. I usually let me prints sit overnight, however some media manufactures ask for up to 72 hours (crazy).  2) Are you laminating? If not, you really should consider it because it will stop this from happening.

If you do not want to wait or use laminate the you will have to put a white border around your art to prevent the edges from lifting.

Good luck man!

Hey Jesse,

So when you say let them sit overnight, do you let them sit without any type of cuts at all? Then reload it to get cut (die-cut, circle etc.) after the overnight sit? 
Since my machine does both Print & Cut... I do the actual cut once it finishes printing. 

No, I do not laminate at all. Kind of had a feeling this was going to be the solution to this. I'm going to look into this and see what laminater to get a hold of and how to reload my prints to my machine to just cut.

So the ink is what causes this to lift up? Since you said, leaving a white border can avoid the lift.

Yeah, I actually do a sheet cut and let that job sit overnight then load it back in to finish the cut the next day. There a few videos out there that can walk you through this. You will need to print crop marks, but its just a click of a button in versaworks. Watch the video below and just skip the lamination processes.  I really recommend a Big Squeegee to laminate small jobs until you are ready to get a laminator.

Print Lam Cut Process


Big Squeegee


Good luck man

Oh sorry. Yes, the white border should help with the edges.

Understood. This clears up so much! Was doing a few jobs and noticed that and didn't find a clear answer but this helps. Thanks a ton Jesse!

If you don't mind me asking, what laminator do you use? As far as the machine? 

Going to look into these videos right now.

Luis Jesse gave you one method and that will work. However, I did not see him mention that you need to print it with registration marks, feed some extra out on the back end (or it will be two short to do the cut) So the first run is Print Only, when you reload the same print and file then you do Cut Only.  So that is one. 

I must ask what palette black is that - I am guess CMYK - if so that uses a lot of ink, and then you dragged the blade through it, so in drying it curls. Roland palette black or RGB does not use all 4 colors to make black, less ink, quicker dry no curling. I like DuraSol 3.5 and do not get that issue.

So if you are using the correct profile, using the default media setting in all three areas on the printer tab, you should be fine.

However, on the printer tab, when I use heavier color mixes, I do add 5 to ten minute drying time before the cut. That is sufficient to allow the media to toughen up and not curl on the continued drying process. So count that as two or possibly 3 if you add the correct palette.

Finally, you can load the file, Do Cut Only, Click the box 'Return To Origin After Cut', and then Run Print Only. This allows the cut to happen while the media is still stiff and then ink is applied. However, you still want to stay away from ink excessively mixing. 

Hopes this makes sense.

Yeah, I saw that on the video he provided, that some extra space should be given when sliding it back to CUT, so the rollers won't run out of "media". If that makes sense.

Yes, this is done using a CMYK black. I do have the Roland Versa Library Swatch installed on my Illustrator program, I'm assuming the Roland Black would be the darkest shade there?

I think my main issue cause this is that I'm not letting it sit over night. Ink is still warm and hasn't sat and the blade just cuts through. 

When you say "Printers Tab", do you mean "Printer Controls" under the job settings tab?

The last step would be doing things reversed? Cut first and then print after?

I did not want to say that is why I mentioned it - You are using CMYK and that is a no-no. 21A in the roland library or RGB black. Those are single colors while CMYK black - uses CMYK to make it brownish or greenish black. That makes a thick black, not a black, black, and is wet when cut. I can assure you I use that media and cut right away and do not have that curly issue. If you use RGB in your artwork - or the Roland color lib - you will see your work pop. I know it is a cmyk printer so you think it would be better, but the other 2 and even Pantone lib is larger and the RIP converts it to cmyk, but in a larger gamut - thus better colors. Yes on the printer controls - and yes let the profile set the printer -do not try and do it on the printer you will get it wrong - not drying fast enough muddle prints, drying to fast - not smooth gritty.

So you're saying to use RGB in all of my artwork for less ink usage and final artwork will pop?
Or I can use the Roland Color Library as well.

Exactly, either one is better than CMYK - if you do not see a marked difference let me know so I can see which step was missed.

Thanks Irving for the tip!

Got a few jobs this week and going to run them in RGB color mode.

Let me know if you see the difference


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