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My VS-420 is out of ECO-SOL Max Ink Cartridge - 220 CC WHITE ink.  I'm finding it difficult to find a vendor that sells it.  I used to buy with Imprintables.com, but it appears that they don't carry the WHITE anymore, but they do have ECO-SOL Max2 Ink Cartridge - 220 CC WHITE.

Is VS-420 compatible with Max2 ink?  Suggestions?


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Update your machine with the appropriate firmware. Go to the Rolanddga.com site down the PDF to convert your machine from sol to Sol Max2 - then you will be set. Max was discontinued. Until then use a cleaning cart in the slot. Hello bTW

Hi Irv, how are you?  Thanks for the reply.  I've got the upgrade sheet and the Max2 ink, however....my current white is empty and I can't seem to access the menu / functions to do steps 1-5.  Options?

What type of impact am I looking at if I put the Max2 cartridge in to get past the "ink is empty, you shall go no further step" with the printer?  And then do the steps?

Thanks for help / recommendations.

You will get the wrong cartridge error. However if you place a cleaning cartridge in, you will be able to continue. Swamp with work, sorry for the delay response.

Thanks Irv, that's what I figured the firmware was updating.  I was able to get the firmware updated and VS accepted the cartridge, performed all the other steps.  Thanks for help as always, we're back printing.

WElcome, Happy CAMMing!


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