Eco-print vs Quick Print Weed, Transfer and press problems and comparisons.

I have had my BN-20 for just a little bit and have just really started using the Eco-print and Quick Print material.

I am having problems with the Eco-Print that I am not having with the Quick Print.

  1. Eco-print is more difficult to weed.
  2. Eco-print is not transferring to the Eco Mask well.  Parts of the Eco-print pulls up with the mask and parts stay down on the other paper.  I have to fight for many of the letters to pull up with the Mask.  Takes longer to transfer to the Mask than it takes to weed.
  3. After heat pressing if you pull up in a couple seconds it starts to pull the image off the shirt.  You have to let it cool for a bit before you can pull it up.

Quick print is not having any of those issues.  It weeds well, it transfers to the Eco Mask tape well and it heat presses well.

Is anyone else having this problem and what might be causing it?  Might it be a bad batch of Eco-Print?



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The last Eco print I got would not release from the carrier either without stretching out of shape. Was told to use evolutions mask, didn't make a diiference.

I switched to Eco from QuickP and noticed the same issues. On small lettering a tip Steve Jackson showed me was to mask first then weed to keep registration and pulling off of small letters. 

I havent noticed weeding issues on decent sized designs, but pulling the vinyl from the Eco mask takes a bit more patience. I was able to reuse my mask with Quickprint about 8 times with Eco more like 3-4. 

I also have to wait to cool the Eco after press, Quickprint I could hot peel every time. 

I think in the future, for longer runs on a short turnaround I would use the QP, for the small runs that I can take my time on using the Eco.

Like John, we found that the Eco mask cannot be used as many times as the Evolutions mask. However, we rarely can get no more than three uses out of Eco mask and have decided that it is not worth messing up a print because we want to squeeze one more use out of a piece of mask. To me, messing up a print to squeeze one more use out of a piece of mask is being penny wise and pound foolish.

Thanks guys for the follow up.  I don't know that I am going to order Eco-Print again.  I wish they would offer the Quick Print in 20 inch rolls.  The only tape I have used is the Eco Mask.  I thought about trying a sticker tape on the Eco-print.  I will look at other materials also.

Glad I am not the only one with the problem.  I thought it might be me at first, until I saw how easy the Quick Print was.

Thanks all.



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