Why is my eco print creating bubbles in the design as it cuts?  It prints beautiful, but after cutting I have tons on bubbles underneath the vinyl even before I begin to weed.


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Please post pictures so we can see what is going on.

Steve attached are the pics. It happened to a flag I was printing before this too, but discarded it. I was on perhaps the last yard or 2 when this happened. It weird, hope you can tell me what is going on. I have a large order to print and will be putting a new roll on, but don't want to do it until I find out why it happened. Hope you know



it looks like oversaturation of ink. Are you using max impact for a color preset?

What profile are you using?

Rob, found out the problem. It wasn't the ink, the vinyl was screwed up. It was about the last 2 to 2 1.2 yards of the roll had a problem.  I put a new roll in with the advice from tech support and it's now printing fine. No bubbles. Thank you anyhow, it was really weird.



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