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I have a problem with grey, as seen many people have this same issue when it comes to grey and sublimation. Mine is coming out brown. My heads are firing perfectly, I have changed to a different ICC Profile. When reading up,I came across someone saying the heat press may be to hot and also causing the colour to be incorrect....

So my question is what is the ideal temperature to use for the grey to be correct???

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You are asking a VersaArt Question on a VersaCAMM forum, however all may not be lost as some folks delve into both.

You ask but did not offer what your temps are and what you are subbing on. Subbing has a lot to do with the substrate and temperature. There is no one answer and usually must be tested by someone as a beta. Post your nozzle test for there may be something there you are not seeing. Tell me the sub and the temp you were using. You may be burning your grey.

Thank you for your reply. We are using tafetta polyester material to dye on and the temp if I am not mistaken is 235 or 240 degrees celcius

I am sure you are burning it, try 190C for 45 secs and see if you get different results.

Thank you for your assistance. I will try it with my next job. I ended up sending it to one of the other companies to direct print for me as the job became urgent. It ended up costing me money with the amount f reprints I had to do. 

Not sure why you would wait for your next job, when actual jobs are the worst thing to practice on. You need to build a recipe sheet of times, temp, and pressures for different substrates when you are subbing. The recipes are developed on test items when you are not under stress from an actual job.


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