Hi. I'm wondering if there is any way to ''duplicate'' job settings in Versaworks 6. In details, I have many files with different sizes that I want to print with same settings (scaling, color management, margin marks, cutting options etc) so I'd like to have the ability to 'copy' settings from one job and 'paste'  to another. Is that possible ? 

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you could set up queue A to be one set of settings and queue B another so when you want a particular settings place in the relevant queue.you can alter the settings for one offs but when you reload a file at a latter date the original pre set settings that you set A or B to will come up.

also nesting files together will give the same settings over all of the files printed at that time.

you can nest the same file twice or more  to get over the 250 copy limit of one file.

sorry just re read your post and not sure if that is relative to  VW6

Chris is spot on

The great thing about Version 6 - you get queues for days - so preset your queues, drop in your files and they will take on those settings and can be altered in the job settings if need be.

Chris, Irving thank you for your reply.

My question is a little different. Let's say I have 10 files to print. Starting with the first file I'm trying different settings and print 3-4 different samples. My customer chooses one sample and I print rest files with these settings. So I'd like to have the ability to 'copy' settings from the first job and 'paste' to the others. Is that possible ? 

My answer stays the same, it is too easy to say no you cannot do that - but based on what you stated I can do that with my queue settings.

Once the client picks the settings - I am now setting up the queue with those settings - every file I drop into that queue inherits those settings - so no to  your copy and paste, but yes to me for automating the process. Not only that, I can have my machine automatically turn on and process the jobs by job number, by paper length, or by time, but know I am showing off.


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