Does anyone know where I can get a printable banner material that is also dry erase? or vinyl?

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Imprintables Warehouse sells it in rolls 10 or 50 yard rolls.

I never heard of a dry-erase banner................but they make a dry erase laminate that I've used for calendars, posters and menu signs


Can't remember where I bought it, it was last year.  Maybe mybinding



Lady Di

This isn't banner it's white calendered vinyl that you can print on indoor only, If you put it outside the rain would wash it clean, 

what is it and where did you get it? thanks

who's replying to who?


I'm totally confused.

the only dry erase banner would be to print the banner and then laminate it with dry erase laminate. 

We use a material that is dry erase and printable. It is from fellers called EZ Erase. It's not a banner, though. It has somewhat of a metal backing, so I don't know how easily it would apply to banner material... but it prints well!

I don't know what you're using this for, does it have to be a banner or does it just need to be flexible? We have a substrate we use called "Polystyrene" that you can lay the above mentioned EZ Erase onto to make it hang-able and somewhat flexible, but it would not be a fabric or even feel like a banner material. Sorry if I'm totally off base, still trying to think of solutions. :-)

be careful! Try cleaning the surface with a basic dry erase cleaner fluid - they are all solvent based and will clean off your print as well!


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