SP-300V, I recon I need at least one printhead, what do you guys think?
Any amount of cleaning, shringing through ink, soaking etc does not help.
Printing black alone is fin, but as you can see in the pics, the black is contaminating the other colours.

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how old is the captop

when was the encoder strip cleaned last

yes you need that head

when you take pixs do the nozzle test seperate - that is more important than all others

Hi, thanks for the reply Irving.

Cap tops are new, and no problem to draw Roland Eco-Sol Max ink through with the syringe, encoder strip been cleaned with rubbing alcohol with calibration done at the same time, yesterday.

New pic attached.

I'm a fool, haha, when cleaning my printer last week, the mist filter was beyond service. I replaced it with a substitute, it was only this morning that I paid some attention to it, and realised it is bulging up in the middle.

This has caused the printheads to be wiped each time when passing the filter, so the cross contamination has been done by this!

I now have a very good print test, and I am only owning up to this mistake so that other users can avoid the same, lesson learned, always use OEM parts :-)


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