I bought this printer and it was told to me it was sitting for a few months.

I changed the pump, dampers.

I pulled ink down the line, and from the pump. Black and cyan was hard the get from down at the pump. I cleaned around the heads and also wiped the heads very lightly.

I did about 3 reguler head cleanings. Did not do a powerful cleaning yet. I dont want to use up all my ink if the problem is a bad head.

attached is a picture of my test print. I have never used one of theses printers before. 

What should I do? 

BTW the dampers I bought from china dont have the felt type on the other side, both sides are plastic. Read both sides should be different.

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What you are calling dampers are wipers!

You do not say which printer, and a good test print might help us narrow it down.

Other than sitting, did you see it work and what were you told about it not working

That is more than not being used for 3months

You have block printing going on which means that the cables were messed with and not put back the same way before being disturbed

The felt side of the dampers are used for powerful cleaning

Wiping the surface ever so lightly will cause deflections ever so minor (not good)

You need a tech, a manual, a notebook, and good watching skills.

I'm sorry. I was rushing and very irritated while typing this post. Meant to say wipers.

I have a SP 540 V. That was the test print. Previous owner said it was working fine. 

I changed the pump, cap-tops, wipers and dampers.

Just bought new wipers and a cable. while taking off the dampers I unhooked the cables to reach it better. I think I bent a small piece while putting it back (I am sure I did).

Going to change it later today. I will keep you posted on what happens.

In addition to what else has been said, I'd strongly recommend filling the caps up with a bit of cleaning solution and letting the machine sit like that overnight, at bare minimum it'll prevent any ink from drying in the heads, and it should soften up any dried ink there. 

bending the cable can be salvageable, providing its'd not like broken.

Tomorrow morning, I'd grab a cap, and fit the end of the tube onto a syringe, and put the head over to maintenance bay and pull some ink through. I'd also clean the encoder, and redo the encoder calibration, then try another nozzle check. 

if theres no significant improvement, it might be time to look at the belt the carriage travels on, and the bearings. 

How much work has the machine done? 

^^^ not what he said.


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