My VS540 is 5 years old, setup is cmyklclmmtwh. The machine prints cmyklclm perfectly, all nozzles firing, no deflection. The black has some deflection but the prints look just gorgeous. The metallic part hasn’t been used much and neither has white. Due to a new product, I need metallic now pretty much and thus found the metallic head has lots of missing nozzles and heavy deflection, the white though seemed to be like new first. Since I need 100% silver most of the time, I had the idea of changing white to metallic ink and just use RDG White setting for printing silver. It worked like a charme. 

Now to the problem I am facing: after printing for some minutes, the silver in the white slot just stops firing. Some medium cleanings recovers most nozzles. But only shutting the machine off for some hours brings all nozzles back, even without cleaning. Then the game starts again, it prints for a while and then stops more or less completely. Another thing I noticed: after cleaning, the four right rows have heavy problems with missing nozzles, the four left rows are always perfect.

what I did until now: Headsoak with new cap for two days, I cleaned the encoder strip, changed the cap top, new wiper, new felt, new scraper, and finally four new dampers. nothing of this did the trick. So I am pretty much out of ideas.

Any advice? Is there something I didn’t think of, or do I need do shelve over two grands for the new head? Any help appreciated!

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