So my XR-640 just recently started printing what looks like "misting streaks", but just on blue and green areas. 

Here's an example of the "misting", and the test print that made my stomach drop to my butt.  (My apologies for the craptastic pictures)  



I've done several cleanings in several different modes and also manual cleanings.  We have a humidifier set up in the same room as the printer as well.  About 6 months ago we replaced the wiper scraper, head wiper, head felt wiper and wiper pad.

Does it look like I need to go straight to replacing the print head (or two) or does anyone have any other ideas that I can try first?  Thanks!

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I see new heads in your future. I see your replacements, but first and not seen are the captops. and what are your ink sets. I think I see 7 color or are they 6 color set up. If the Tops were changed, then there was head strikes and those deflections are not coming out. If old tops, then the deflections might clear up with new tops. However, you need a 48 hour head soak. Those overnight ones are not enough.

Dang!  I completely forgot that we had also replaced the captops 6 months ago I guess it's time to shell out some $$$$.  We have an 8 color setup, although we don't use the white or metallic anymore.

How do you do a head soak?

If you keep the white and Metallic in, then you need to replace the captops again. Also if you are not using those colors or when you are not using replace with cleaning cartridges. 

Head soak

unplug machine, clamp the lines below the top or at where the waste comes out - fill both tops with cleaning solution check after 24 hrs you still have solution in tops - refill if necessary - soak for another 24 - the 2 powerful cleaning and see where you are on the nozzles.

Machine off to release the head - slide right, then left to fill tops

to lock head slide right slowly until head locks. make take about 5 tries


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