Looking for community/professional insight/opinion with a ink and printing problem. Attached are how my test prints have been turning out after normal and manual cleanings. It might be hard to see, but there's a little cyan in the middle and bottom of the Magenta. I've been noticing our prints having Cyan "dust" especially around where Black ink is going down. I'm thinking about replacing the Wiper next, but I don't know what's causing this.



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You did not say which machine or your ink set up - since it is looking like a 7 color setup but it could be one with white and metallic and the white is there but hard to see. 

You did not mention how old your captop is and that is the next bit of info required!

Thanks for the response, Mr. Donaldson.

Our shop is running a VersaCamm VS-300i; EcoSol Max2 ink (using Cleaning liquid in 8th slot).

We've never replaced the captop. It's probably almost 4 years old. How often should captop be replaced?

Also, replaced wiper and still getting the same test print results.

Not ink type but the cartridges in use - tops are rated for 6mos, but you can get 1 with cmyk some get longer but it places a strain on the head

The nozzles are in good shape so I think a captop change and cleaning your encoder strip with alcohol only will serve you well

Thanks for the advice. Our current 7 color setup is LC, CY, LM, MG, YE, BK, and LK with CL in the 8th slot. Have yet to replace the top cap. Any suggestions where to purchase this part? Searching online, I've only come across sellers over seas with varying prices. I just want to make sure we're buying the part for our VS-300i.

I also thought it might be worth mentioning how test prints turn out with more intense streaking (pic 1) after sitting overnight and after normal cleaning (pic 2) we still see a little of that same problem and can get away with decent okay prints. Could there be something wrong with the print head or something else?


Nothing wrong with printhead, change captop clean encoder strip with alcohol and then check results. Ink is not being pull due to faulting top.

Okay, so we've replaced the cap top (just the cap top while reusing the drain line tubing), but our original problem still persists. And added to that, we now have sporadic drop outs in the test prints. Something else I noticed that might be concerning is the cyan tube is empty (see 3rd image attached). And there is definitely ink build up around the cap top when performing manual cleanings. Does that indicate some kind of leak? Is it possible we got a bad captop or I didn't replace it properly?

Thanks again for all the help and advice.


Picture of individual tests are better for evaluation than multiples in one shot - angle is great need to see it one at a time.

Is the captop OEM or aftermarket - the price will tell you the difference

since you did not change the tubes - tubes clear or black

Did you check the t connections where tubes connect - those could be clogged and give you those results and also crossing colors since unbalance ink pulls.

Bottom of top has 3 nipples - two gets hoses the third a cap - no cap = same results as pictures

If you cannot do a choke clean - you may need 2 Power cleans to move the air


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