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Where is your nozzle test

Not sure how to add the picture here. I messaged you with images.

OK disregard my message - now I got it. 

You need to fix that missing channel to get your proper test. 

Check for air in the lines; damper; captop

Is the machine level

Is the head sitting squarely on the top

Try a powerful clean and then the nozzle test, if good then do the test

Which channel is missing? Not sure what I am looking for. Is it the clear tubes.

Chris your machine has 2 heads - 8 channels each.Your A side shows 8 channels, while your B side shows 6. You are missing a complete damper. Solve that and you will have the test print you are desiring.

I am looking for a picture of the layout of the ink tubes as they come to the heads. I purchased this machine and it was filed with cleaner. Not sure how the seller put cleaner in the lines. Printhead B or the right one has two cleaner lines attached while A or the left has none. You or anyone have a picture of the lines at the head location? Right side hood open.

Post your nozzle test and I will look for your color layout - which cartridges do you have currently. Cleaning cartridges can be used in any chamber and the printer will run as normal.

No nozzle test to post yet. Awaiting some parts. I was just looking for a picture of the lines going down to the heads to see if the guy did something weird. I have no cleaner lines running to head A or the left one and two running to B. This is from the cleaner cartridge plugged into the 8th slot.

Without seeing your nozzle test - no telling which of the 4 setups you have. Here is enough info to get you through. 

I would look at the 8 color white/metallic system - with the 2 clears being used to hold the place for the special colors.


Thanks. Exactly what I need. Yes I have 2 clears being used to hold the place for the special colors. where can I buy the manual you got these images from?

You can't legally - the manual has secrets  - search the internet - mine are from training and those extracts are not in violation since it is just showing ink layouts. 

I had Todd C. come and set me up. All was well until my main board just blew. I was able to get everything off with Peck6 but now I can't seem to load new firmware onto new board. I thought I sent a message earlier but I must have done something wrong. I am using a Microsoft Surface with an ethernet adaptor since I could not get it to work through my network thinking that was it. Still can't find machine. Have you ever heard of a new OEM board not linking? IP etc... is all set old way and the way the service manual says. I have a crossover cat5 too.


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