Hello all - I'm sure this has been discussed before so I'm sorry to be repetitive. I'm interested in producing wall decals (wordings and images). I hear Seramark is an excellent product - can anyone who has used it comment on the texture? By the description it seems to be more of a fabric than a slick vinyl look. 


A lot of the print vinyls I've researched say not to print to the edge - I don't want a white releasee around most of this stuff. I see Oracal has a easy to remove cut vinyl product but I find the colours to be kind of limited. Any suggestions? 

thanks Muda

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This last week I've had an issue although not related to the new roll (haven't opened it yet). The old roll is almost gone and I was trying to run a long print and cut job.  Most of the job was cut only but some color. It printed fine then when it started cutting the paper pulled to one side when sucking it back in and jammed.  I tried to run the cut only portion and shortened the length but it did the same thing.  I'm thinking a good cleaning of the pinch rollers is in order or am I trying to run and cut things too long?  The first attempt was about 10 foot long the second about 6 foot.  Is this asking too much from this material?  Is the fabric texture of Seramark too slippery for the pinch rollers to grip well?  After seeing Angela's post I'm a bit apprehensive about opening the new roll.

Great I just ordered my first roll of the Seramark today at 2:00 (guess that's why it's on sale?) based on how well it worked at Steve and Irvs training class in Sept. Oh well, now I know what to look for and if it happens to know the company is aware of this issue. 

Also the images we printed in NY of Irv as practice, have worked great keeping varmints out of the barn!!

 Thanks Irv. :-)

Hi Ken,


I have not had a problem with the pinch rollers when printing long items "even" with the seramark that has the new backing once I started doing the follow method I explain further down in this post.


I print a lot of 60" inches (aka 5 feet) sheets and haven't had a problem (thank goodness).  Just the bubbling issues are what is causing me issues.  I have used this paper for over 1 year and haven't had that problem once I figured out that the paper on the roll sometimes shifts so the paper under the roller moves to one side so I do the following;


Before I print and press the down arrow on the machine to fastforward paper out of the machine in front of me until I have enough blank paper I plan to print on.  Doing this I can see if the paper comes from under the rollers.  Once I have enough paper coming out of the machine and see that it's not coming from under the roller I press the up arrow so that the material rolls back into the machine.  Periodically I have to of course reach in back of the machine and roll the rollers to get the material to roll back around the roller so it doesn't touch the floor and get dirty.  I have a cloth on the floor in front of my machine to keep the paper from getting dirty.  By doing that I know that the material will not come from under the rollers while printing.


Hope you understand what I mean.





I changed the way I laid out the job I was trying to run by chopping up the words into shorter lengths.  This way it only runs out about 12 inches of material at a time.  It was a cut only job so to get the job done this worked without problems.  So far on the new roll I don't see any weird things happening but I haven't printed to it yet only cut.


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