Hello all - I'm sure this has been discussed before so I'm sorry to be repetitive. I'm interested in producing wall decals (wordings and images). I hear Seramark is an excellent product - can anyone who has used it comment on the texture? By the description it seems to be more of a fabric than a slick vinyl look. 


A lot of the print vinyls I've researched say not to print to the edge - I don't want a white releasee around most of this stuff. I see Oracal has a easy to remove cut vinyl product but I find the colours to be kind of limited. Any suggestions? 

thanks Muda

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I bought a roll of Seramark on the recommendations here.  I have just printed a wall graphic of my grandson at bat during a ball game a couple of years ago.  It is 48" tall and about 30" wide.  I'm going to put it in the lobby so customers can see what they can have produced.  I'll try to let everyone know how it works.  My thinking is most wall graphics people buy will be a one use thing.  It will be for decorative purposes and much like paint colors tastes change and so will the graphics.  So I wouldn't worry too much about repositioning multiple pieces.

This is just the kind of thing I wanted to use it for as well. I just like to know what my options are.


Have you used Seramark on a vehicle?



I have used Seramark and have had no issues printing to the edge, no curling. It's a great media


thanks Heather - do you laminate it? Have you used it outside?

I have a customer who wants a decal for her car that she can remove on weekends

will Seramark work for this?



I did a small ribbon decal on Seramark and have it on my truck widow.  Only been on a week so too soon to tell how it will hold up.  No laminate on it.

For what it's worth, I have a large Seramark wall graphic that has been on my bathroom wall for about a year now and has been washed with a damp cloth several times and has withstood daily steam baths from the shower...no curling or fading at all! 


I also had Seramark on my car for about 6 months (no laminate) with no issues.  I just got bored with it and took it off.  I didn't test it through an automatic car wash though. 

Thanks everyone - I plan on doing a test for my husbands car with the PhotoTex since that's what I have at the

moment - I just wanted to make sure I didn't make promises the material couldn't keep.


I'll let you know how it works out.




When I think about using Seramark on a vehicle I think of you. You were at my training and we took a field trip to your car and I often wonder how it is working out for you and if it is still on. Too bad you took it off would love to know if it is still holding up.


Yes, I remember you (and your dad, I think).  I sold my yellow Explorer but just got a new red one and put new Seramark decals on the back window.  The graphics are even larger than last time (22 inches wide, I believe), so we'll see how it holds.

Yes it was my dad. Please let us know how they hold up!

As an update to this the ribbon decal I did with Seramark is still on my truck and holding up quite well.  It's been on there almost a year and no color fade.  I also put some decals on the side this summer and they look great too.  I have to admit this stuff works in many applications both indoor and out.

Ken I second that!!!   I use the seramark for my front door signage so I can change up the hours or theme as I need to.  Most recent was over xmas when I was going to have extended hours and I wanted to have a christmas theme.  The previous sign had been on there for probably 9 months, still looked great.  Only thing that I did have to do was slightly heat it with the heat gun because it was so cold outside.  Just running the heat gun over it for just a few seconds I was able to peel it off with no residue left behind, save it, apply the new one.    The new one was temporary so after xmas it came off and I put back on the previous one.  Love the stuff!

Kathy Mac


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