Hello all - I'm sure this has been discussed before so I'm sorry to be repetitive. I'm interested in producing wall decals (wordings and images). I hear Seramark is an excellent product - can anyone who has used it comment on the texture? By the description it seems to be more of a fabric than a slick vinyl look. 


A lot of the print vinyls I've researched say not to print to the edge - I don't want a white releasee around most of this stuff. I see Oracal has a easy to remove cut vinyl product but I find the colours to be kind of limited. Any suggestions? 

thanks Muda

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Don't feel bad I had to look at what I use too.  Most times I write inside the cardboard tube the media is wrapped on.  That way when I order next time I don't have to hunt for the invoice.  

Yes, Kathy, it is the weeded area where the mask curls.  Most times I attribute this to the backing material being slick.  I just thought you had some miracle stuff.  I don't have a sheeter so a good old hand job has to do. ;-)

Ken I don't even know how to respond to that last comment :-)

I was there with ya Kathy!

You people must be reading between the lines or the ink fumes have finally taken a toll.  At any rate using Seramark almost always assures the job will have a happy ending. ((Steve,  you can use this as a selling slogan if you wish))  

Arlon came out with a fabric product now also, DPF 206. Just received a sample roll last week. Will be printing some decals soon to see how it looks and feels.


I like the new slogan Ken!

Ken, you seem to forget we know you!!!  (I'm sure you're tickled pink that I'm back)   And I didn't realize that you weren't suppose to suck in the fumes ;-)

uuhhhhh.... I was under the impression that you were supposed to inhale them deeply, kinda like a sharpie fumes....

Maybe that is why I twitch lately :-)

Kathy....you were gone?  I've been gone for a while too.  Oh great, now the rumors will start.  ;-)

Ken it was suppose to be a SECRET.  Jeesh good thing people are not to bright on this forum or they might put two and two together.

I'm not happy with SERAMARK's PAPER either I got from Imprintables now that the backing has been changed.  I have gone from being able to sleep easy knowing I could leave the printer and come back to a perfect print to "holding my breath hoping the entire job prints without issues.


I am almost out of this roll and I am now considering other options. I don't like photo-tex it doesn't cut well.  Seramark was perfect why the manufacturer would want to go and fiddle with it is beyond me.  I guess to save $$$.  It's now costing me $$$ having do reprint jobs.


Here's an example of the last job I printed.  Came back to find smears on the design.  Also.  The blank paper has these bubbling throughout the the paper and sometimes there is no issue.  The paper looks smooth or on the edge you will see a slight bubbling then come back and find it has spread across the entire page.


The entire roll has been a nightmare.

I'm not blaming Imprintables I realize it's the manufacturer but I've lost a lot of time due to this issue.   In an effort to save money (i'm guessing at this statement) the manufactuer may actually loose more $$$ as people start looking for other materials.  I have one paper I'm going to checkout that I saw at a class last week.  Urg... what were you thinking Seramark Manufacturer. 




Thank-you Angela.  Sorry you are having issues, but relieved to know I am not the only one having issues.  90% of my work is on Seramark and I can't tell you how much I have had to reprint before I can get it out the door and then reprint and re-send because the customers have issues.  It is definitely cutting into my profits.  Hopefully Imprintables is passing on to them how unhappy their customers are with the product and they will figure something out.



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