Well, I'm back!!!!   I have a little problem.  Rhonda Roland (SP-300v) is not printing yellow.  I have attached a picture of the test pattern.

I had a similar problem 2 weeks ago which was corrected by pouring cleaning solution in the cap stations (at least that's what I thought I did), and it corrected the problem. I also changed my yellow cartridge then and everything was working fine.

Today, MONDAY..... no go with the yellow.  So, after several medium cleans, I saturated the cap stations again.  NO help.   I felt froggy and clamped an ink line off and tried the syringe thing but only got magenta ink. Don't know if that was correct or not, really.   I didn't do the other line because that's the blue and black, right?    NOW WHAT????

HELP!!!!  Bonnie  

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Thanks Butch,  That sounds so logical but I never would have thought of it.  I'll try and hopefully that will correct the problem.  Again,  thank you so very much.


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