Well, I'm back!!!!   I have a little problem.  Rhonda Roland (SP-300v) is not printing yellow.  I have attached a picture of the test pattern.

I had a similar problem 2 weeks ago which was corrected by pouring cleaning solution in the cap stations (at least that's what I thought I did), and it corrected the problem. I also changed my yellow cartridge then and everything was working fine.

Today, MONDAY..... no go with the yellow.  So, after several medium cleans, I saturated the cap stations again.  NO help.   I felt froggy and clamped an ink line off and tried the syringe thing but only got magenta ink. Don't know if that was correct or not, really.   I didn't do the other line because that's the blue and black, right?    NOW WHAT????

HELP!!!!  Bonnie  

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CORRECTION..... Cyan is printing fine.... it's just the yellow.... HELP!!!!


You have two possibilities.

Cracked Manifold

Ruptured Print Head

Your test prints are good only the magenta ink is in the yellow reservoir. The damper is ruled out because they are exclusive to one another.

Based on the printer being a SP it is highly likely the manifold is cracked.



Bonnie, look at the lines feeding the ink to the heads. Is the magenta flowing back into the yellow line?
Print a solid yellow block 12"x12" to flush the yellow line.
Yep. The magenta is flowing back through the yellow line. No yellow showing. I will try the yellow flush printing. Thanks for the suggestion. Fingers crossed.

Butch,  THANK YOU!!!!!  It took running 5- 12x12 yellow blocks to flush the line, but that did it.  I am scared to death to ask, but what caused that?  Do I want to know?  Thank you again.  You're a peach.... literally!

!@#$!%  now the cyan isn't pulling through, nor the yellow.  What the heck?  I still having received my new cap station tops to replace.  Will this clear up my problem.... hopefully? 

Change the captops , empty the waste bottle, pour cleaning solution into the captops, making. sure the lines going to the waste tank is clear.

You could have a blockage in the waste lines, these usually occur at the black tee connector for the caps.

Sometimes failing captops will allow a backflow to occur letting ink flow back into the cart with the lowest pressure .

Thanks again Butch.  I have already irrigated the waste lines.... scared me to death to do it, but I did.  So, I'm just waiting on new cap tops and will cross my fingers.  It's killing me to be down for a week now, but my order from Imprintables hasn't been drop shipped from Roland.  Must be a holiday on the west coast.  Thanks again.  Bonnie

sent you a PM let me know if you got it
Yep. Got it. Oh wonderful wizard, how much knowledge is behind that curtain! Thank you, thank you, AGAIN. I hope my caps come in soon. That's an odd statement if read out of context. Lol

Caps came in.  I replaced them and printed like a charm.  Machine didn't run for last 3 days.  I come in on Monday and now I'm having cross contamination and yellow isn't printing out.  I have to print 6 - 12x12 blocks in yellow to get the ink flowing.  What's going on? 

This is very frustrating.  Could I possibly installed the ink caps wrong?  Thank you for your help.


How much ink do you have in the magenta? Something is causing a vacumn pulling the yellow back into the magenta. This can occur when one color has more than the other and the pressures cannot equalize. Pop out the magenta shake it and reinstall. This may equalize the pressure.
Also do the same on the yellow. The seal on the yellow may be leaking allow air into the system.


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