Please I need an advice regarding my VS-540. The printer isn’t used that much but I make sure I switch it on at intervals to keep the ink flowing. Currently, I am getting cyan overspray. The test print looks fine though with no evidence of any problem - or so I think. What I have tried to do is to do a head soak with s new cap top. I did that for 3 days. I have also cleaned the encoder strip but no luck. But just today I went into the service mode to try a test fill pattern only to discover that the cyan prints was bleeding on both end sof the test fill pattern print test. I fear it needs a new print. I hope it is otherwise though. Please see photos attached. 



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nozzle test are fine - so when you say you switch it on, I hope that does not mean that you are turning the main power off.

As for the overspray, that looks like static - what is the humidity in your print area

The overage in your test print could mean that it needs an alignment

check your bi and calibration in service mode and then again in user mode - check your humidity - and only clean the encoder with alcohol.

Actually, I do turn the main power off. I will have to stop doing that.  Humidity in my area is 26% as of today. It does average 60% though on certain days. I will do all you said. Thanks

Never ever turn off the main power switch in the rear near the plug. That allows the machine to come on and clean itself and then go back to sleep. You can turn off the front if you want, but it will also go to sleep on its own. You need to raise the humidity (double what you have) 60 is good.

Hello Irving. 

I have done all you asked me to do but no luck. cyan misting still continues on some colors. I guess the print head is failing electronically.



What have you done to increase the humidity? What does your bidirection test look like?

Hello Irving,

It just got better. I didn't really do anything in regards to raising the humidity level. I just waited till the humidity got up to 60% and then I tried it but that didn't work. I then unplugged the machine for about 1 hour and put it back on. The print got heaps better. Printed very nicely at the beginning but got a tiny speck of mist at the end of the print that is barely noticeable unlike before where the mist was everywhere and very noticeable. So I guess the problem is static. I work from my garage and the humidity drops very quickly in this part of Australia. Do you recommend a humidifier or a static eliminator? Bidirectional is spot on. also changed cable heads and did a head alignment. just to be sure.

Thanks for your help Irving.



Careful on changing cables

the fact that you unplugged and it got better is the fact that it is static and the unplugging discharged the machine.

See which method works for you - either should work



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