My cyan isn't printing at all. I've gone through the "powerful" cleaning cycle several times and still nothing. Any ideas?

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Could be your demper, head cap, or your print head. I would start from demper and cap

Hey Mike, thanks for the reply. You were right on. It wound up being a damper. The thin, plastic housing was torn and so there was no suction and the ink wouldn't draw through the line. While he was in there, I had my technician replace all 4 dampers and both cap tops. By the way, here's a tip for you all... Rather than pay the near $100. per damper price through my local sign supply, I found them on eBay for $15. for a pack of 10. You read that right - $1.50 each for a total of $15. which INCLUDED SHIPPING - from China! I'm normally always wanting to buy American, but wow. I spent $15 instead of $200. and have 6 brand new extra ones for backup! Hard to pass up.

Hey Man..I was curious about the damper that you said.  does it work well with your printer though?. Caused I also need to change mine. and I'm a bit hesitant to get thoes cheap damper.. 

Thanks .



yes! They work just fine! I know, I was shocked at the price difference too... but for that price, I had to at least try them. Good luck! - Randy

Thanks Man. appreciate it !!..

No problem! 


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