Hey folks,

My cyan is not printing on my SP-300v.  Here's what I have done so far...

1.  Printed text print..... NO Cyan.  All others printed fine. Print heads look GOOD!!!

2.   Printed block of black, just to make sure.  No problem.

3.  Saturated that rectangular  thing that the ink is pulled through.... Is that the damper?  No problem...

4.  Checked to see if they are still springy.... yep!

4.  Disconnected ink lines at the Y and pulled ink with a syringe through both lines.  No problem... of course I only got black ink out of 1 line..... There's the problem.

5.  Removed cyan cartridge.  Checked ink level (oK) and reinstalled.

6.  Printed 26" x 16" block of cyan to try and pull ink through.... didn't work.

I'm not familiar with what parts are called so with your expertise, please identify parts with what they LOOK like, then I can figure it out.

Thank you in advance

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Sounds like damper issues.

Um, Irv, can you give me some direction?  Video suggestion? Anything?  But first, are the dampers the 2 rectangular things that the print heads rest on when not printing?  They have the springs under them and I flush them with cleaning fluid when I do a manual clean.... right?  Now what?

Butch, Butch WHERE ARE YOU?????

Bonnie the damper is where I would go first. Buy a OEM replacement.Turn off and unplug machine. Remove the plastic cover protecting the head assembly, remove head shield if it still has one. Remove data ribbons from the Cyan Black head. (use a piece of tape to mark one or the other so as to not connect to the wrong side of  head.) Locate the cyan damper (plastic rectangle 2nd front left). Place paper towels between it and the black damper and around the head to catch any ink droplets. PULL STRAIGHT  UP on the damper twisting can damage the manifold. Remove from ink line, replace with new. Use a syringe to pull ink into damper. PUSH DAMPER STRAIGHT DOWN onto manifold. Wipe up any ink drops. Remove paper towels, replace data ribbon, replace head shield replace plastic cover. Fire up  machine. Good Luck!


When you say OEM replacement, are you talking about the ink cartridge or a part?  Also, where is the 'head assembly' so I can remove the plastic cover/head shield?  But, I think you are talking about the big plastic cover on the right side of the machine that encases the buttons.  This is after I move the print heads to the left (cleaning position), correct?  Then take the plastic 'frame' from around the rectangle on the LEFT.  Pull that fuzzy looking thing that is mounted on the springs straight up and off (hang on to springs).  I'm going to place plastic around damper?? and HEAD??? (I thought the head was on the carriage which is still on the left side of the machine). Haven't had to go as far as a 'data ribbon' before, so this should be interesting.  Do I use a syringe to remove the old ink from the line? or will it come out by itself?    I understand that will clear the line (which is probably stopped up).  And.... pull new ink through to remove air in the line.....

OH LORDT!!!  Say a prayer!  Thank you (I think).  You've never let me down before.  I have faith. ???

Bonnie do not put the machine in cleaning mode. Unplug the machine and remove the right cover. You will see the printhead assembly enclosed by the clear plastic cover. This is the cover that needs to be removed to gain access to the dampers.  OEM means get a Roland damper not aftermarket. Do not start the repair before buying your parts and be extremely careful

changing the part out.  If you are not confident that you can do it don't attempt it call a tech or get help from someone that is familiar with the machine to assist you.

Bonnie you are asking too many where is questions. I think it would be less expensive if you call a tech to replace. There are too many things that can go wrong and you will need to call a tech anyway. The damper sits on top of the manifold. After years the nipple on the manifold gets brittle (I am positive yours is) and in removing the damper it cracks - thus causing air to leak into the system. It would be good for a tech to change the damper - which I am sure is the issue and check the rest of the printer.

Well.... I had some help replacing the cyan damper with Roland part.  STILL NOT PRINTING cyan...... next????  Please help.

I see your post, but there are so many things that can be wrong or the most simplest of things. I do not even know where to begin and with a v model you are talking age. I still say you need a tech to do an onsite eval. You may have an air bubble in the line and that would cause the same issue. The now processing, ensure you did not spill ink on the lines(ribbon cables)  and that they are properly seated.


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