When I do a test print from the printers menu it'll print all colors fine but when I print something from the program it will not print cyan. Everything comes out red orange and yellow. I have all the settings on default and this is a new setup so I haven't even done anything yet. Wanted to do some test projects but everything is red and yellow. I have a versacamm vs-540. Its used but seems to work fine from the printers menu. Brand new ink cartridges. CMYKLcLmWtWt. Like I said before though, the test print from the menu prints all colors just fine but wont print cyan from versaworks. If anyone has any idea to whats going on please let me know. We want to get this up and running correctly so we can start doing banners and wraps and will be a pain to do only reds and yellows. To me this is quite strange to test fine then not print all colors. Maybe software issue but everything is in default.

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Is versaworks showing the correct ink configuration. In the printer status window.

The test print you ran, is it from the printer menu or the test print in verses works?

The most efficient way to address this is to load verses works onto another PC or laptop. That way you have two computers set up and you can verify if it is a software issue in the original PC or something in the printer.

If the problem persists then you know to work toward the printer.


The image im printing shows the correct colors in versaworks. The test print is from the printers menu, not the program.

That's good now you can focus on Vwesaworks.

Run the test print that is located in Versaworks. This is a preconfigured file in VW.
The rip process is already set.


I didn't even think of that. I will try that, ty.


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