Hi All,

I have Roland SP-540v, and newly changed the heads, caps, dumpers, wipers but now I get black/cyan stripe when I do nozzle test. but when I do test print I don't get any stripe except the calibration that I need to do and alignments. I am attaching the samples. Please help.




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The solid band means you didnot  align the cables correctly

The double printing and the cmyk not aligned mean you did not do the bias and horizontal adjustment on the head.


Your head is out of adjustment

Thanks very much Irving, I checked the cables and I found the Head Topper where dumpers sets, the black was broken and I ordered for new ones. Once I replace that I'll check again and hopefully it will be fix so I can re-align and calibrate.

Great Keep me posted

Hi Irving,
I did changed the Head capping but the issue of stripe is still there and of course I checked the data cables, here are some samples from last night


You see your first picture - You see the CMYK with one block off

You see the magenta outline on the letters

That means the heads are not aligned in the service mode

Pull out all the printhead cables and check the ends - both sides

I pulled off all cables and checked also I have extra new data cables and tried all of them, I also cross checked the cables and this is what I got, do you think that it's the cable slot on board?


Are your cables properly clamped and have the ferite filter installed

No Irving, I posted pictures and this is how I have them from very long time ago


The ink on the cables and not properly securing your cables may be causing your printing noisee

Yes, I have to secure them all but I will cover up all the cables once I'm done with the this stripe issue and complete the calibration. Any advise for the black/cyan stripe yet?


Yes secure the cables and then tell me you are still getting the block printing - until you put things back you are the cause of your problem. Ensure you are using all the brackets (filters) that came with the machine.

Hi Irving,
I don't have and never this machine had Brackets filter, but securing the cables, I only have the cover for head and that's it, It's Roland Verssacam SP-540v.


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