First off , thank you for letting me be apart of this forum.

I have a Roland VS300i that I purchased new in 2014 , The files I print are the same ( VECTOR ) files that I have been printing since day one. Recently I noticed a lot of my Black to grey to white gradients have been turning out PINK . Again , these are files that I have been printing over and over for years.

I never really thought about it much , I just told people I couldn't sell them that graphic kit anymore . Then I took that print to my friend who fixes copy machines , he looked at the print with his magnifying glass and said .. you have CYAN all over the place ..

I'm guessing the 2 issues have something to do with each other , but I can't verify that . The machine itself has around 700 hours on it as of now.

Ive done plenty of manual cleanings and I have replaced the cap-top , cleaned encoder strip .

CYAN is the only issue , other than the gradient fade .

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Irv's gonna' want to see a picture of your nozzle check..............

Just a head's up to maybe save some time.

From what I see (does not matter if it happen great 100 times and then acts up one, just saying):

Ink configuration

Last time top changed

Could be static

More likely you have a design where you put a white fill

You look like you are using the wrong profile

Looks like you need to wipe down your media

If you did use a white fill remove it and leave blank

Cap Top was changed 3 weeks ago , Same media as I have been using since I started in 2014 . Same profile as I have been using since 2014 . It's gloss calendared . I have the same result regardless of what file I print. Nothing has changed with my setup at all.

If you want to send me a small file to print I would be more than happy to do so ... anything I can do to narrow this down would be great .

PS , If it was any of the things you said it * Could be * Then why is it only doing it with Cyan and no other colors ?  

looks like static to me.

Can you run the test print file from Versawoirks? It is under the print menu - send test print. 

I ran the test print and Cyan is all over the whole print , It may be difficult for you to see . I uploaded a few pictures for you to look at.

If you look at Test-Print-2 , Around the text Roland , you will see the cyan spray all around it .

Cyan is the only issue with the prints thus far .


In Test-Print-2.jpg I see the cyan dots in the background of the Roland Logo and the image above, and image at the bottom of the page, but not behind the text below the Roland Logo. What is different about the "VersaWorks...RIP & PRINT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE" text than the images above and below it?

I'm no Irving, but it leads me to ask if this is software / profile related to where fonts / text print fine, but images only are affected.

Is this because the text is true black and no other colors, and all of the other images have some Cyan in them?

OK try two things:

1-  print your detail bi-directional Print

2- Print same design uni-direction a smaller one if you want to

All prints that I have done since day one have been in bi-directional .

Here is a picture of the uni-directional .


I sent an email to and I guess they can fix print heads .

His exact quote to me after showing him pictures was ..

You have cyan overspray caused by a bad print head.

Now is this worth the $1200.00 fee for him to fix it ? vs $1800 for a new one .... I don't know..

Well nozzle test are uni direction and I did not see the problem - so that is why I wanted to see if your bi-direction was off. Sometimes it is easier to ask for test than to go through a long rationale of why the test was asked for. When dealing with a lot of clients and not knowing their level of use or experience - the first things you hear is about how they have always done x or y and have gotten x or y, but now this. As two, if it is worth either repair or replace - if you do not know the how it is just as easy to ruin either.

I can't even afford to do this repair , that is why I was hoping there was a simple solution .

Someone else replied to this but I cant see the post , but I can see it in my email .

Cyan is all over the print , in and around all parts and colors .

Could a damper cause this ? Is it worth it to pull the head and do a good cleaning ? I do have the Service Manual and I can get into the Service Mode .

So if you think there is something I can do , pls let me know !


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