First off , thank you for letting me be apart of this forum.

I have a Roland VS300i that I purchased new in 2014 , The files I print are the same ( VECTOR ) files that I have been printing since day one. Recently I noticed a lot of my Black to grey to white gradients have been turning out PINK . Again , these are files that I have been printing over and over for years.

I never really thought about it much , I just told people I couldn't sell them that graphic kit anymore . Then I took that print to my friend who fixes copy machines , he looked at the print with his magnifying glass and said .. you have CYAN all over the place ..

I'm guessing the 2 issues have something to do with each other , but I can't verify that . The machine itself has around 700 hours on it as of now.

Ive done plenty of manual cleanings and I have replaced the cap-top , cleaned encoder strip .

CYAN is the only issue , other than the gradient fade .

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Looks as if nobody has a clue of what my issue could be ? Any help would be great .

About a month ago I had similar and had the same problem 3 years ago in both cases it was the head faulty. New head cured it..
Somebody had told you the head was faulty but you must try the alternatives first. I went through every thing before a new head
Strange how it always seams to be the cyan
Yes a vs540

Thanks for the info , curious how many hours you have on your machine ? Mine has a bit over 700 and it seems bad ... wonder if that is normal ?

your head is bad and you have a static issue. The static is basically pulling the cyan ink right out of the head and causing the overspray.

Put a new head and dampers in it, and get a static control device for the media input area.

I disagree with you Todd , If it was static it would be * PULLING * more than one color from the head . Ive been using the same material for 3 years and this never happened before.I also tried canvas material , 3m vinyl and others .. same issue .. its NOT static .

Ok, good luck with it :)

I understand the head is bad , but as far as the static issue ... I'd just love to know how static can only pull 1 color . And why did the ( Static ) occur 3 years after I got the printer ?????????

it looks to me like you are getting secondary color in your white. This can be caused by a graphic that has white in it i.e. CMYK or RGB value and then using max impact or similar in your color settings. The other colors int he design shift and there is secondary color added into the white. 

Please post the original file (Corel or AI) that you started with so we can check it. 

If you know the head is bad, why are we having this discussion? Replace the head and the printing will return to good quality.

Static increases this time of year, and if the head is bad or the nozzles are weak, then the static can influence the head easier. Clearly the cyan nozzles are weak or hanging open and the static created by the movement of the head and material is drawing droplets out of the head. 

Your only try before replacing the head is to replace the cyan dampers and hope one of them is hung open.

I've replaced many heads due to this same issue. I'm not saying you have a static 'issue', but static is causing the issue with your bad head.

File isn't the issue , Unless someone all on my 356 files became corrupt ? As I have previous stated . I have been printing the same files over and over for years , until recently the cyan came into the prints .. same material and same files from day one . I will go ahead and share the file but I know 100% for sure it's not the issue. All of my files are Vector based

Here is a Corel file in X6

I will upload it in a EPS as well as a PDF



First - if you want to have an attitude and insult people who are trying to assist you, you can feel free to go somewhere else and be a donkey.

Second - your file is not perfect and has a color value in the white area. If you are using Max Impact or Sign and display etc. and the presets for color management shift one of the colors in the graphic, it CAN - not necessarily will- shift the white point and usually shows up as dotting of Cyan in the print. This could be the issue in your graphic. 

Third - stop being rude by labeling your files as wasting time as an insult to the people who are trying to assist you. Todd is one of the best technicians in the field. He has been recognized by Roland directly for his continued excellence and superior customer service. The fact that he is giving assistance and advice FREE to you should be appreciated. If you feel so confident that you know what the issue is, then fix it and move on. You obviously seem to think you know better than anyone else. 

I suggest at this time you take one of two paths

1 -Apologize and be polite when people take time out of their busy day to provide free assistance on a free forum to help you out.

2 - Leave the forum. I don't have the time or patience for someone on this forum that is going to insult others that are trying to help out and in general be rude. 

I sincerely hope you go with option 1 and we can assist you in getting the issue resolved. But - the choice is yours. 


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