I am encountering a problem when I a trying to cut a simple rectangle 55 inches wide 2 inches high and divided in quarters . I am seeing the marching ants , the head moves along the rectangle but only cut  half moving to the left. When it reaches half, I see the blade holder raise hope causing it not to be cut.

It continues along the rectangle path and when coming back to the right the blade holder drops and continue to cut properly , At this point only half of the rectangle is cut. When it goes to divide the rectangle in quarter it does all the action but the blade holder remains up and does not cut even though it sounds like it is cutting.

I am seeing the marching ants in versaworks

I adjusted eps margin by trying different settings ,  .1mm , .33mm, ,.35m and .39mm , still same effect as I posted.

Changed and installed a new blade , same result!

Then I remove blade holder and cleaned with compress air , added one drop of oil to blade , but same result as before.

Then changed to a new blade holder and blade , same result .

Shut down printer ,   cleaned encoder strip then restart same result .

Don't know what I am doing wrong any assistance will be greatly appreciated .



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You could have knocked your cut configuration out of alignment and the machine does not know it can cut as far as to the other end. Take a picture of your control panel and post that. Did the cutcarraige or printhead run into anything or you had a headstrike.

Here is the control panel for the XR 640


Exactly the right picture - try this - with the machine off

Hold the right, left, up arrow all at the same time and hit the power on key

The cut carraige should detach from the printhead - slide the cut carraige all the way to the cutrail until the knife drops and move your hand - the machine should reset - now you can try your cut again.

I slide the cut carriage I saw the knife drop . On the control panel screen  I am seeing SET TO LOCK POS , I press enter and another message came up stating UNRECOVERABLE LIMIT SENSOR and it beeps. At this point I power off and retry to cut but same results as before.

I feel I am doing something wrong when I move the carriage , do I move the cut carriage all the way to the left / end ?

Because you need to move it all the way to the left end so that the cutrail engages the knife - I am on a beach so my contact maybe spotty I placed instructions above do again

LOL u might have earned a visit next time I am in TnT. Will talk next Thursday!

When it says SET TO LOCK POS, you need to lock the carriage on the pin above the cap tops and hit enter, then the machine will separate the carraiges and say SET UP CUT POS. THEN you move the just the cut carriage all the way to the left against the wall as far as it will go and hit enter.

Followed instruction from both Mr Irvin & Mr.Todd and was able to complete initialization process . Was happy I reached this far and thought all was well . Unfortunately when I did a practice cut as before I still encountered the same problem.

Are there any  other solutions to this problem ?


1. if your versaworks in in mm, then set the EPS margin to 1 mm.

2. I dont know what machine you have, but if all else fails, and you can zoom in and actually see the dashed red lines all the way around the rectangle in versaworks, then you likely have a bad cut carriage cable.

Thanks for your reply , it is the XR 640 ,  played with the eps margins all the way from .1 to .39mm ,still no luck .

I am seeing the marching ant all the way .

Cut carriage cable ?? could be seeing that  I have tried a lot . Is this difficult to change  ?

XR640 definitely the cut carriage cable. Your EPS margin should be 1, not .1

one full mm....

The cable isnt very hard to change but you do have to disassemble a bit of the covers and carriage to do it.

You were absolutely correct , it was the cut carriage cable that required replacing. Was told it is common with the XR 640 .

Apologies for posting this solution so late for other users.

Thanks to IRV and TODD for all assistance.


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