Trying to cut Stahl's white Opaque seems like it just tearing the product. Am using 45 degree blade 90 GF. BN-20

Has any body had the same problem and what do I need to fix this problem.



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Sounds like your cutting too deep.  It's a simple issue to fix. 

I used to get that a lot when cutting right to the ink.  I found using a minimal white border alleviates that.  I know a white border may not be what is desired.  Try printing with registration marks and letting it dry for a few hours or overnight then cut.  

Hi John

Have you found any other product like stahl's white opaque to use.That might work better. Were screen printers that just purchased a BN-20 to use for digital heat transfers. Really new to this stuff.



I've been told to cut and then print with opaque.

Is it possible to Cut and then Print on HTV? I am having a major issue. I cut several of these designs and 2 days

later I needed 1 more, I could not get the Roland SP 300V to cut it right for anything. Read everything I could find,

got a New Blade Holder,Blade 45 degree,Cutting Strip. GF is at 45, Speed 30. I am using Siser Colorsoft Opaque.

It is actuall cutting the Design, Letters and Numbers is what I am doing, but it is lifting them off the Vinyl as well.

Strange think is that if I Cut Only it does Good but when I try to Print and Cut it just doesn't do well.

I've checked the Blade Holder no debris inside. I am stumped! Any help is appreciated.

I don't know what could have changed in those 2 days.



Should have done a new thread.

If lifting you can

- check force

- slow speed

However if you do the methodology that you stated, cut (material still stiff) then print it will solve your issue.

So Cut Only, Return to Origin, Print Only

You should be good then.

The other method is to print only with registration marks and remove let dry overnight and then cut only the next day using the crop marks.

Thanks for replying. Was not sure where to start a new Thread.

I have tried changing Speed and GF. Still does not seem to help.

So in VW on the Cutting Tab - you will Cut Only, return to origin, then Print Only

I don't know how to return to the Origin.

I have not used Registration Marks before.

And I have cut and print the same designs before.

I think I figured out how to start a New Thread. I gotta get this figured out.

Thanks again.

You are doing good so far. If it worked once it should work again, but there is more than one way to tackle the issue.

In versaworks either version (open job settings)

In the Printer Controls tab Right side - all three options - Use Default media Setting

In the Cut Controls - Operation Mode - Cut Only

Check the box that reads Return to origin after Cut.

After it rewinds

Open Job Settings

In the Cut Controls - Operation Mode - Print Only

That will do it for you

I sent the message out with a Picture in the Forum. I think, LOL!

Thanks for the Instructions I will give that a shot. I just don't understand

why it did fine and all of the sudden went bad.

Thank You for your help!

I gave that a try and it worked, almost. Either I don't have the Blade extended enough now or the Ink kind of sealed the Cut Lines. I could weed the Cavities 

but when I tried to pull off the excess vinyl it lifted the letters and numbers,

I will try again tomorrow. I have been working on it all day.

Thanks again for you Great Instructions!!!


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