VS 640i has recently begun having cutting issues.  No changes tonmefia and even the test cut is not printing correctly - has anyone seen this with a test cut pattern? Thanks!

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You tried a new blade?

Yes, thanks. But the pattern on the test cut is so weird. See the line outside and next to each circle? It’s not even cutting the pattern in the normal sequence. 

The line outside the circle is normal and consistent with the test setting up the blade to cut. All cutters actually perform that action to orient the blade to the correct starting position. 

The cuts are consistent with a chipped blade or a damaged cutting strip.

What media is that?

What is the humidity in the room and where the media is stored

How old is the media, was there a significant temperature change

I do not need answers, but all of those affect the cutting

Also it looks like there is no carrier - so if so as in paper - is the media laying flat


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